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Stomach Pain Cure With Miraculous Herbal Remedy

The stomach is the major organ of your body that helps...

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Herbal Remedies For Cold & Cough

Herbal Remedies For Cold & Cough

As the summertime is almost over and the winter approaches, almost...

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Boost Low Sperm Count with Miraculous Herbal Medicine – Akseer Kiram(infertility)

Boost Low Sperm Count with Miraculous Herbal Medicine – Akseer Kiram

Akseer Kiram, effective herbal medicine for the treatment of oligospermia or...

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nervine_weakness,spermatorrhoea,sexual weakness,nocturnal emission

Remarkable Herbal Medicine For Sexual and Nervine Weakness – V2 (Ajmali)

V2 Ajmali is an excellent aphrodisiac, a drug to be utilized...

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dehydration(Jawarish Tabashir)

Unani Treatment for Dehydration – Jawarish Tabashir

Jawarish Tabashir acts as astringent and anti-dysenteric. Especially during the summertime,...

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Ispaghol-Husk(phsyllium husk)-Treatment-For-Stomach-and-Hemorrhoids

A Detailed Review on Ispaghol Husk – Treatment For Stomach and Hemorrhoids

Psyllium husk (Ispaghol) is the best herb that is used to...

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These certifications are making us truly distinguished from other competitors in the market. Being certified from ISO 9001 means we have the best machinery for making medicines. Punjab Food Authority(PFA) has proved that we have a clean environment, standards, procedures, processes, food safety, and quality standards, and no such things are used which affect the making or packaging process.

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