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Sulphar or Gandhak benefits is a powerful anti-oxidant chemical compound, belongs to oxygen group while tasteless in the pure form, derives from the sulphuric acid whose industrial and health uses are enormous from the ancient times. Being the part of amino acid methionine, this compound is extremely important for humans as a common man consumes almost 900 mg sulfur in one day.

In the human body, this compound is in abundance after phosphorus and calcium. The Sulphar has many neurological effects which result in the human behavioural variations. People suffering from breathing difficulties, throat or back swellings, allergies and respiratory tract infections consume the Gandhak benefits by mouth, which has the ability to prevent all these disorders effectively.

The Sulphar uses compound is also beneficial for high cholesterol, menopause, and clogged arteries. The antibacterial effects of Gandhak are also remarkable and work excellently against the chemicals and bacterias, which may cause various infections or allergies. Applying sulphur on face acne, redness, seborrheic dermatitis or other skin infections will prove extremely beneficial; however, it is a leading component in many acne or skin related products.

Taking the Gandhak supplements orally to give immense protection from osteoarthritis, muscle soreness and allergies; however, sulphur is essential for glutathione synthesis. By detoxifying at the cellular level, sulphur provides quick relief from pain and maintains the pressure of cells, properly.


  • Promotes insulin production in the body
  • Useful for skin allergies and acne
  • Natural beautifier compound
  • Resolve breathing issues
  • Prevent inflammations
  • Metal detoxifier
  • Produce glutathione
  • Good for hair and nails
  • Alleviate joint or muscle pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Fight against arthritis
  • Reduce stress

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    good item 4 sell

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