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Labub barad strengthens the nerves-It is effective in sexual debility, general weakness, and oligospermia-Increases thickness of semen


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Labub Barid is useful in high blood pressure. It strengthens the nerves. It is effective in sexual debility, general weakness, and oligospermia. Increases thickness of semen.

Dosages :


3g to 5g with a cup of milk (Tea Spoon approx) Or Maa-ul-laham Ajmali before breakfast.


1g to 3g with a cup of milk before breakfast Or as directed by the physician.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size

3 reviews for Labub Barid

  1. Mohd Adnan

    Is this medicine helpful or treat the problem
    Of frequent urination .

    I had problem of getting urine a lot , I want to get the unani medicine which works for
    Stopping the flow of urination .

  2. Nauman

    What are the ingredients ? Please mention ingredients

  3. bilal

    its ingredients plz

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