Labub Barid

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Labub barad strengthens the nerves-It is effective in sexual debility, general weakness, and oligospermia-Increases thickness of semen


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Labub Barid is useful in high blood pressure. It strengthens the nerves. It is effective in sexual debility, general weakness, and oligospermia. Increases thickness of semen.

Dosages :


3g to 5g with a cup of milk (Tea Spoon approx) Or Maa-ul-laham Ajmali before breakfast.


1g to 3g with a cup of milk before breakfast Or as directed by the physician.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size

17 reviews for Labub Barid

  1. raghib jahan

    It’s beneficial for male sexual issues.

  2. Naeem Iqbal

    Works just as well. Highly recommended

  3. Naeem Iqbal

    Works just as well and provide best result in short time.

  4. wahab

    After using this medicine builds sperm count by expanding consistency of semen. Likewise valuable in Spermatorrhoea and Restores energy, further develop essentialness, actual strength and endurance me in sex.

  5. Ikram Ali

    Best product for power enhancement. Highly Recommended

  6. Amjad Hashmi

    Highly Effective for Male Health Weakness.. Don’t Hesitate to try this… Highly Recommended

  7. Abdul Adil

    This medicine is very good. I felt much better after eating this medicine. If you use B, you will feel better. I will recommend it.

  8. Asad

    this is good medicine for sexual reliability

  9. Mirza Aslam

    Labub Barid is valuable in high blood pressure. It fortifies the nerves. It is powerful in sexual weakness, general shortcoming, and oligospermia. Builds thickness of semen. Recommended!

  10. Amjad khan

    Best Majoon for Stomach Care, Helpful in relieving from stomach pain. Highly Recommended.

  11. Basharat Ali

    Beneficial For Male Health Diseases…. Highly Recommended

  12. Fiyaz Abbas

    This medicine used For Stomach & Male Health Issues. I have A issue Male Health Weakness, But after using this medicine I feel Increases thickness of semen. Highly recommended

  13. Ejaz ul hassan

    If You have male health weakness, then this product will change your life….saying after experiment…. Highly Effective….

  14. Farhan

    Highly Effective For Male Health Issue .Highly Recommended

  15. Laraib Akmal

    Barid is a specially processed herbal formula that helps to strengthen the heart. Some of the herbs used are known for their positive effect on blood pressure, while others are used to reinforce the cardiovascular system.

  16. Hamza Azam

    Labub Barid is an all-natural herbal medicine that provides safe, effective relief from symptoms associated with weak urination.

  17. Rehan Shahzad

    Labub Barid is a natural & herbal product. The ingredients of Labub Barid work together to help you lose weight naturally and under proper guidance from dietitian.

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