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Buy Maa-ul-laham ( 240 ml ) by Ajmal for strength the heart, liver, brain, stomach and is a potent appetite stimulant. Shop now ! ....


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Maa-ul-Laham is a general herbal tonic manufactured by Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. This general herbal tonic is a cure for general debility and provides help in strengthening the heart, nerves liver, brain and stomach. This herbal tonic not only regulates the functionality of liver, but also provides strength to the organ. It also increases blood circulation to the kidneys. Abdominal muscle weakness can be eliminated with the use of Maa-ul-Laham. It is a potent appetite stimulant, increases appetite. It also provides vitality in old age. Maa-ul-Laham also enhances the immunological responsiveness (Quwat-e- Mudafe’at) of an individual by interfering with its regulatory mechanism.

Maa-ul-Laham also eliminates debility from the body and provides strength and vigor. Individuals with fragile body and poor immunity levels can also use this miraculous herbal tonic to boost up their energy.


  • Strengthens the heart, liver, brain and stomach
  • Potent appetite stimulant
  • Increases blood circulation of kidney
  • Cures general diseases and weaknesses



4 tablespoon with sugar as per need in the morning or as directed by the physician.


1 teaspoon full or as directed by the physician


  • Keep the medicine out of children’s reach.
  • Consult with a physician first. Self-medication is not recommended.


Goat meat

Packing Size:

  • 240ml
Packing Size


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