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Habbe Hamal is an effective in sterility and causes conception. It is also useful in atony of uterus.

Uterine Atony

Uterine atony (or uterine tone) is characterized by a soft and weak uterus following childbirth. It occurs when your uterine muscles do not contract sufficiently after childbirth to close the placental blood vessels. This can result in life-threatening blood loss upon birth. Medical attention is required immediately and use Habbe Hamal also.

Female infertility causes

Ovulation abnormalities, which disrupt the release of eggs from the ovaries, can be a cause of female infertility. Hormonal illnesses such as polycystic ovary syndrome are examples of this. Hyperprolactinemia, or having too much prolactin, the hormone that drives breast milk production can also interfere with ovulation.

Uterine or cervical anomalies, such as cervix abnormalities, polyps in the uterus, or uterine shape. Noncancerous (benign) uterine wall tumors (uterine fibroids) can impair fertility by obstructing the fallopian tubes or preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.

Fallopian tube injury or obstruction, which is frequently caused by fallopian tube inflammation (salpingitis). Pelvic inflammatory illness, which is commonly caused by a sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis, or adhesions, can cause this.

Endometriosis, which occurs when endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus, can impair ovarian, uterine, and fallopian tube function.


2 Tablet of Habbe Hamal with water before breakfast. Or as directed by the physician.

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