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Seeko Ajmali is useful in inflammation of liver, stomach, intestine and uterus and improves their functions. The main ingredient used in Seeko Ajmali is Apium Graveolens that is being used as anthelmintic, antispasmodic, carminative, diuretic, laxative, sedative stimulants in the traditional Unani medicines to treat hepatic and spleen disorders, brain disorders, body pain, and sleep disturbances. It is also used as heart tonic to lower the blood pressure in African traditional medicine. It is helpful in stomach heaviness and indigestion. It reduces fever due to inflammation of stomach. It also normalizes blood pressure and stimulates the uterus, acts as anti-inflammatory, diuretic and aphrodisiac.



  • Reduces inflammation of the liver, stomach, intestine and uterus
  • Helpful in stomach heaviness and indigestion issues
  • Reduces fever caused by inflammation of stomach
  • Helpful in reducing fever due to inflammation of stomach
  • Normalizes the blood pressure and stimulates the uterus.



One tablespoon in a cup of water two times a day or as directed by the physician.


  • Keep the medicine out of children reach.
  • Consult with physician first. Self medication is not recommended.


Baikh Karafs (Apium Graveolens Linn)

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  • 100ml
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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Seeko Ajmali | For Intestines & Stomach Issues

  1. Asim

    This syrup came in a plastic fashioned like a bottle. We opened it and tried it. and it’s what you expect from a quality Seeko Ajmali syrup producer.

  2. Maaz Khan

    My goodness, what the doctor said about this medicine is true. I have been taking them and I feel much better and energetic. I really recommend them.

  3. Faiyaz

    Guys-when stomach problems or and nausea cause pain-reach out for Seeko Ajmali! I buy for my family, especially grandchildren. This syrup is good.

  4. Fakruddin Jamal

    Works very well for upset stomach. highly recommended for this syrup.

  5. Hamza

    These seem to work well for me. I get pain over my liver (from inflammation?) sometimes and these syrup take it away. My regular doctor did not have a solution, but this worked.

  6. Abid

    یہ شربت کافی اچھا ہ اس کو مے اپنی والدہ کے لیے خریدتا ہو پہلے ان کو ہر ٹائم جگر مے مسلہ رہتا تھا جب سے سیکو اجمالی پینا شروع کیا ہ اب وہ بالکل ٹھیک ہ

  7. Rehan

    There is a wonderful syrup for the liver. My liver was hot. I used this syrup. Now I am fine. I will appreciate Seko Ajmali.

  8. Hamza Nabeel

    This medicine is simple but amazing..good for Indigestion after a big meal, acid reflux etc.. They change ph throughout body which helps inflammation and pain. The change in ph also changes bladder ph which prevents UTIs..and STOPS urgency. Take 1 before your next long car or plane trip! No more worrying about the next rest stop!

  9. Adeel

    میرے بھائی کو جگر کا کافی مسلہ تھا مینے اسے سیکو اجمالی استمال کرنے کا بولا
    اس نے استمال کیا آب وہ بلکل ٹھیک ہے سیکو اجمالی سچ میں کمال کی پروڈکٹ ہے

  10. Mudassir

    جگر کے لیے بہت مفید شربت ہے میں اس کو خود استمال کرتا ہو مجے جگرکا کافی مثلا تھا لکن آب کافی حد تک ٹھیک ہو گیا

  11. Aarif

    جگر کی بیماریاں بچہ دانی اور ہسٹیریا سٹوماک کیئر کی بیماریاں کے لیے مفید دوا ہے میں اس شربت کو میدے کے لیے استمال کرتا تھا مجے اس سے بہت جلد صحت یابی ملی

  12. آفَاق

    میں اپنے چاچو کے گھر گیا میرا جگر کافی خراب تھا انہو نے مھجے سیکو اجمالی سربت استمال کرنے کا کہا اس سے مھجے مکمل آرام آ گیا میں اس کی تعریف کرتا ہو یہ سچ میں ایک اچھا شربت ہے

  13. Daniyal

    Useful syrup for stomach care. Gives instant relief. Made from herbs. No side effects.

  14. Adeel

    Highly Recommended for this Syrup in Stomach Issue

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