Ajmal Arq Kasni | Reduces Liver Inflammation

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Arq Kasni


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Ajmal Arq Kasni reduces inflammation of liver, stomach, and spleen. Useful in jaundice,  gallbladder disorder, dropsy and other related diseases of liver and stomach. Reduces bilious heat and quenches thirst. Arq Kasni is an Unani Medicine and famous among physicians due to its effectiveness in liver disorders. It acts as hepatoprotective and protects the liver from the damage due to toxins.


1 cup before breakfast or as directed by a physician

Packing Size:

  • 800ml

2 reviews for Ajmal Arq Kasni | Reduces Liver Inflammation

  1. Mahmood Ali

    It is often used for liver disorders and Arq Kasni. As well as improving liver function and slowing down it strengthens the liver.

  2. Chand

    Good quality medicinal value, good product. Recommended!

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