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Arq Badiyan


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Ajmal Arq Badiyan helps in digestion and relieves flatus, heaviness, Strengthens stomach and also helps to stop vomiting. It is commonly used for liver disorders along with Arq Kasni .  As well as improves liver functions and reduces strengthens the liver.

This natural remedy is very useful for!


Drink 1 cup before taking breakfast Or  You can also take it after discussing with a physician.

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  • 800ml
Packing Size

6 reviews for Ajmal Arq Badiyan | Improves Stomach Functions

  1. Fawad ali

    This product has some excellent herbal ingredients which should work wonders and provide a great detox. A truly natural and herbal complex which has some very effective ingredients. Very happy to have found this product. Delivery was very prompt and received an email from the seller stating how best to use the product which was impressive.

  2. Sheen Aslam

    i will recommend this seller. Also its fresh stock with long expiry date.

  3. Bilal Bashir

    An effective Unani preparation of fennel seeds & star anise for a healthy digestive system. Recommended!

  4. Saleem Akram

    This is truly a great product!! My stomach hasn’t felt this good in years. I no longer have that constant bloating feel. It has helped me to regulate my body functions without any discomfort. I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it.

  5. Ijaz ul Hassan

    I didn’t really think that this product would work when I order it, but I wanted to check it out. Based on what I had been paying for Omeprazol, this 1 bottle would have to match the same pill count of Omeprazol. My week of trying this product has concluded. No more costly Omeprazol for me. I am now paying 1/10 of what I once spent for heartburn relief. If you don’t try this product, you will continue to waste your money.

  6. Bilal Haider

    Ye stomach k leye bht hi faidymand ha

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