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Roghan Surkh


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Roghan Surkh:

Roghan Surkh is effective in muscular pain, numbness, and stiffness in foot and hand. Useful in the pain due to injuries. Beneficial in paralysis and facial paralysis removes the weakness of nerves. Useful in hair loss or dry scalp, stimulate hair growth.

The use of Roghan Surkh to relieve muscle pain also reduces the condition of joint popping and joint pain if it is used regularly. In addition to providing immediate relief from burning pain, it can help in relaxing the nerves in the organ. Increasing blood flow to the tiny blood vessels inside organs prevents dryness or dullness of their tissues.

 Pain Relief for Muscles:

Roghan Surkh relieves arthritis by improving elasticity in internal tissues and relieving stiffness. It is safe to use natural methods for a cure and they do not cause any harsh side effects. When using herbal oils, it is recommended to apply smooth, pressurized movements in order to achieve the best results, but applying pressure to the skin is not necessary. It is important to apply oil gently to nourish the skin layers and tissues to get the desired improvement in the condition of muscle pain and inflammation in order to reduce stiffness.

Causes of Paralysis:

Paralysis is most commonly caused by strokes. Approximately 30% of all stroke cases are caused by strokes in the United States alone. Multiple sclerosis is ranked second at 17%. It is also possible to suffer from paralysis as a result of cerebral palsy, post-polio syndrome, brain injuries, neurofibromatosis, or congenital conditions.


Massage gently on the affected area before sleep or as directed by a physician.

Packing Size:

  • 20ml
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