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V2 is an excellent aphrodisiac-herbal-unani


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V2 Ajmali is an excellent aphrodisiac. It is for Pleasure and Increasing Time.An effective herbal remedy for sexual and nervine weakness, spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission, potentiates the functioning of essential organs.

A drug to be utilized to remain young. V2 Ajmali are powerful for the treatment of sexual debility, anxious weakness, spermatorrhoea (automatic fundamental stream) nocturnal emission (wet dream), early discharge and slimness of the semen. As its fixings are mellow and Spanish fly (energizing sexually), V2 has an enduring impact on the patient.

An examination on the single medications, utilized as fixings, was directed while working out the equation of V2 tablets.Explicit medication for sexual and nervine weakness, spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emission, potentiates the working of an indispensable organ.

  • An Effective herbal remedy
  • Successful remedy for sexual and nervine weakness, spermatorrhoea
  • Potentiates the functioning of fundamental organs.


V2 tablets comprise of such fixings which remedy the nervous weakness by giving vitality to the organs. They increment sexual intensity and thicken the semen. They are additionally useful in making the sexual organs strong by expanding the solid quality. V2 tablets additionally invigorate the imperative organs.


No symptoms announced.


Nocturnal Emission, Sexual Weakness, Spermatorrhoea.


Product of Pakistan

Capacity Instruction:

Store in a cool dry spot.


1 tablet with one cup of milk daily. Use at least 30 days for the better result. 

Packing Size:

30 tabs

Packing Size

17 reviews for V2 Ajmali

  1. Muhammad Tahir Ahsan

    Ingredients name in urdu kindly, premature ejaculation ky liy istaml kar skty hain kya or 1 tablet hi 1 day khani ha ya zyda kha skty or best time konsa ha kindly batye ga hakeem shaib

  2. Saad Ibrahim

    Ingredients and composition kindly bta dyn.

  3. immi.shahoo

    Assalam o Alaikum,, Hakeem sab mere Sperm Count aur motility boht kam hai mene test karwaya tou pata chala… V20 sperm count k liye istimal kar sakty hen?

  4. Amjad Ali

    i have been using V2 Ajmali for over 30 days, I am very impressed with end results. I also can say is, I do feel more awaken and bigger appetite for sex.!
    I will definitely buy it again.

  5. Farhan Malik

    I am using this medicine from many time. It’s Highly effective against male health weakness. I always recommend others for male power enhancement.

  6. Hassan Raja

    Best Product for Increasing time I ever Used…. Zero Side effects… And Highly effective in sense of performance.. Always Recommended

  7. Jaleel Khan

    I Personally Tried this medicine. According to my Opinion this is the best medicine for Increasing Pleasure time. Highly Recommended

  8. جمال علی

    کیا کمال کی میڈیسن ہ مانے اس کو استعمال کیا ہ مجے اس سے بہت فرق پڑا ہ میں اس کی تعریف کرو گا

  9. Abid Jameel

    My male power was very low. I consulted Hakeem Saab. He told me to use this pill. Now I feel a big difference.

  10. Naeem Rana

    I started using this product little over two weeks ago. At the end of the first week I could see a difference. Now two weeks later and the results have exceeded my expectations by far!! I highly recommend this product!!

  11. Anas Ehsan

    Was looking for a natural ED pill with little or no side effects. After looking at other reviews, I decided to try this one.
    I took the pill with a multivitamin and ate breakfast, then in the afternoon I had a slight nasal stuffiness but in the evening the pill works as advertised, but for me the next evening I experienced a more harder erection which was easier to control, my wife was surprised of my longevity.
    I’m happy to say this works for a 56 year old.

  12. Ibtesam Ul Haq

    Personally Tried Medicine…. It’s Highly Effective for Enjoying long time….. Highly Recommended…



  14. Naveed

    کمال کی میڈیسن ہ مانے اس کو استعمال کیا ہ مجے اس سے بہت فرق پڑا

  15. کاشف

    کیا یہ شوگر والے لوگ بھی استعمال کر سکتے ہیں؟

    • web team

      g, istemal kr skte hen, mgr behter yehi he k ap apne marz aur mizaj k hisab se Hakeem sb Nuskha tajvez krwain, Mashwara Free he. shukria https://www.ajmal.pk/male-problems-form/ (email patient form)
      +92 3074409221 | 042 37120542 (call support) . Thanks

  16. Saeed Anwar

    Effective Medicine to Increase Sex Timing. Better product for male health

  17. Ibrar Ahmed

    Millions of men from all over the world are affected by one or other male weakness. Every man has a different core weakness and hence, V2 Ajmali is the best way to control these health weaknesses.

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