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Qurs Abiaz is curative for spermatorrhoea. It enhances ejaculation. Cochlospermum religiosum, Kushta qali, Acacia Arabica, Starch and sugar. Qurs Abyaz is very effective for spermatorrhoea. Qurs Abiaz is the most effective Unani treatment for spermatorrhoea to eliminate the medical illness of unnecessary semen ejection. It overcomes the deficiency caused by this disease and provides strength to the body and the male reproductive system. In this way, spermatorrhoea can be handled, unnecessary flow can be reduced, and semen can be diluted more easily. This improves the reproductive system deficiency caused by Spermatorrhoea.

 Treatments for Spermatorrhoea

As spermatorrhoea has been observed for years, better medication and treatment have been prescribed. In spermatorrhoea treatment, medicine is required to overcome sperm deficiency. The main cause of spermatorrhoea that results in a serious illness is a low sperm count. This results in various other health problems, including mental health problems. The treatment of spermatorrhoea Unani overcomes the presence of deficient sperms in the body, leading to a longer and healthier life.


One to two tablets with lukewarm, milk in the morning. Or As Directed By The Physician.

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  • 20tabs
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