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Majun Raig Mahi gives strength to the male genital organ-It helps in increasing virility-eliminates general weakness-Increases sex vigor by activating the glandular and nervous system also in premature ejaculation.
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Majun raig mahi is very useful and competent medicine used in the treatment of sexual strength, premature ejaculation and low sperm count. Its active ingredient is palemon curtinus, commonly known as jhinga machli which gives strength to male genital organ. Majun raig mahi helps in increasing virility, treats generalized weakness of genital organ and increases sexual desires by activating nervous and glandular system.


Syzygium aromaticum in Arabic language it is known as qaranfal and it is known as clove in English. Clove is responsible for the treatment of premature ejaculation and it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.It also boosts immune system.

Palemon curtinus is commonly known as jhinga machli and it belongs to the group of arthropods. Jhinga machli has many benefits in medical field. It is used in medicine as an ingredient to treat different disorders such as obesity, cardiac disorder, sexual debility, semen debility and premature ejaculation.

Daucus carota is a plant commonly called wild carrot which is used in medicine as an ingredient to treat sexual disorders like sexual debility and low libido men.

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Reviews (46)

46 reviews for Majun Raig Mahi

  1. Jahanzabe Ahmed

    Majune Raig Mahi is effective medicine.

  2. ranairc (verified owner)

    This is the best Majun.

  3. Syed Ather

    Assalam u alykum Meri age 47 yrs hy. Meri male power boht Kam ho gayi Hy.koi solution batayen plz.

  4. Adil Riaz

    This product is very good.

  5. Aftab Ali

    I believe this product contains additives. I used it.I believe it’s 100% pure medicine.

  6. Aakif Mubeen

    The first thing I want to say is that this is the drug I have been looking for and will always buy it.

  7. Amir

    This medicine is the best I have taken. It is pure and delicious!

  8. Asif

    As soon as I bought this, I noticed a massive price jump. Yikes! I have been using it for a long time. This pill is very good.

  9. Imran Khan

    Last Year When I was facing Premature Ejaculation and low Male Strength. It was the hardest time of my life. I was worried about marriage life that was almost about to broken. but I shared my problem with one of my friend. He recommended me this medicine. Firstly, I was hesitating that may this medicine have side effects but after using this medicine I had come to know that this is best medicine to treat premature Ejaculation and lower male strength. After taking medicine I am totally fit and enjoying healthy life marriage life with my wife. Highly Recommended… Best medicine with zero side effects.

  10. Abbas

    I am happy with this medicine and its quality is very good.

  11. Hassan Jamil

    I have been using this product for 1-2 months and I am loving it.

  12. Ramzan Raja

    Highly Effective Medicine Against Premature Ejaculation….

  13. JAWAD Ahmad

    Really appreciate the quality of product.

  14. JAWAD Ahmad

    Really appreciate the quality of product,and best result

  15. waqar

    Gram kushak misaaj wale use kr skte kia plz btyen

    • web team

      Please call direct to Hakeem sb +92 3074409221, 04237354226, 042 37120542 with your details. Thanks

  16. noman zaib

    Absolutely love this shilajit! I can feel it’s effects shortly after taking it, and has the perfect consistency to work with. Some shilajits I’ve had in the past are too thick or too runny to easily dose, but this shilajit has the perfect consistence.

  17. Alamgir Hassan

    This is the second purchase I’ve made. I have had more energy and feeling of well-being. I have chronic lyme disease and detox is very important, I noticed a great improvement in my liver and pancreas pain so for me this overrules the fear of being exposed to any metals for me. Must be careful to start slow, you will get a headache if your body detoxes too fast, which happened to me at the beginning. I definitely will be purchasing again. Highly Recommended!

  18. Amjad

    Best Medicine for Male Power…. Used this before getting marriage. I always recommend this Majun to everyone who are facing erectile dysfunction or premature ejacultaion.

  19. Ahmed Raza

    Bought this Majun for myself because due to excessive bad activities I lost my male power. And I always worried about my sexual health. Then my friend Recommend me this majun. I found that this is best majun for male power enhancement. It’s Highly Effective against erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I always recommend this majun.

  20. Muqadas

    I personally Purchased for my husband, he used daily basis. This medicine increase his sexual power and timing. After used this medicine I enjoyed a lot… highly recommended

  21. Numan Akram

    After Trying every product for premature Ejaculation I found that this is the Best Product for premature ejaculation and male power enhancement…. Best Product… Highly Recommended…

  22. Asad Malik

    I am 47 Years old, Suddenly i felt my Man power and sexual strength is going down, i contacted Natural herbs Shop, they suggested this product. within few days i feel like i am 18 again. Highly Recommended!

  23. Hassan Ali

    One of The best Majoon I ever found for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Always Recommended. Don’t hesitate to try..

  24. Shahzad Irshad

    I am 58 years old and pretty healthy. I workout and eat a mostly vegetarian and healthy diet. Nonetheless, I even have found over the last years that my drive has steadily diminished, and my erections are but firm. I’ve tried a few of natural supplements, but they appeared to do little or nothing. Since taking this product, I’ve noticed a big improvement in both my drive and my ability to urge and sustain a firm erection. My wife of 48 years and that i have gone from having sex once or twice per month to 2 times per week. i do not just like the idea of shooting up , but was beginning to believe trying Viagra or ciallis, despite their awful side effects. Now, i will be able to continued to eat it.

  25. Saqib Muneer

    My male power was very low due to which I was always worried. I used Ajmal.pk website and selected this product. Now my male power is the same as before. Thank you Majun Raig Mahi.

  26. Rana Sabir

    Nowadays almost every 3rd person is effected with low male health and I was one of them. I was totally depressed due to this. I thought I’ve ruined my life. Then my take me at ajmal dawakhana for checkup. Then Hakeem Sahib Recommend this majun for me. Firstly I was hesitating about side effects of majun. Then I start takin could you Believe , this majun recovered my whole male health in just some days. I always recommend others.

  27. Mazhar Muneeb

    Majun raig mahi is exceptionally helpful and able medication utilized in the treatment of sexual strength, untimely discharge and low sperm count. Its dynamic fixing is palemon curtinus, generally known as jhinga machli which invigorates male genital organ. Recommended!

  28. Rana

    I have Question,
    Dear all, i have listened that it is made of lizard🦎, which is Haram. Is it free of Haram producs? Dear dawakhana, kindly guide us so that i also could start using it.

    • web team

      Thanks for your comment. Actually is not a normal lizard. Only Patients can use it. Thanks

  29. Sultan Ali

    I’m not usually one for sharing personal experiences but this product really deserves it.

    For years I struggled with lack of sensitivity to the point of not being able to climax during intercourse whatsoever. When I say struggled, I mean it. I could go on for hours with no results. I finally decided to fix it and looked up some ways to fix it.

    I tried a lot of things but ultimately this product is what did the trick for me. I take it once a a day, and within a month I was able to climax during intercourse. I continued to apply it for another 30 days and now I’m at a happy level of sensitivity.

  30. Shazil

    مجون رائگ ماہی بہت اچھی پروڈکٹ ہے اس کا کوئی سائٹ افیکٹ نہیں میں اس کو مردانہ صحت کے لیے استمال کرتا ہو اس سے بہت فرق پڑتا ہے شکریہ مجون رائگ ماہی.



  32. Omar Habib Qazi

    One of the best majoon in my ever used again and again… reuslts are very high… I always recommend to others….

  33. طفیل پاشا

    مجن راگ ماہی قوت مدافعت بڑھانے میں مدد کرتا ہے ، عضو تناسل کی عمومی کمزوری کا علاج کرتا ہے اور اعصابی اور غدودی نظام کو چالو کرکے جنسی خواہشات کو بڑھاتا ہے۔ مجن راگ ماہی بہت مفید اور قابل دوا ہے ، جنسی طاقت ، قبل از وقت انزال اور کم سپرم کاؤنٹ کے علاج میں استعمال ہوتی ہے۔


    Mere friend ny b isy use kyiah ha bht hi achy result ha

  35. Ali Raza

    Full of Power….Best medicine for male health enhancement…..and also increase your sperm count….. effective in premature ejaculation…. Highly Recommended….

  36. Basheer Sulehri

    This Majoon Is very Helpful in restoring male health power. Fight against premature ejaculation and provide you proper male health…. Highly recommended…

  37. Farhan

    Best Majun.. Highly Recommended.

  38. Kabeer Khan

    This is surely helping with my energy position and libido. I was skeptical at first but Nature’s Design Majun Raig Mahi works, not in the Viagra sense but in a subtle further manageable way. I’m agitated and there’s no pressure and it’s natural and it’s better in a nutritive and cerebral way. I would recommend trying the Majun Raig Mahi if you’re having stamina issues.

  39. Naveed

    Asalaam u Alikum wa rahmatullah . i am a cholesterol and high blood pressure patient can i use it.. age 38 years
    Kindly guide me

    • web team

      Wa alaikum salam, Sir its better to consult with Hakeem with your details.
      please fill out this patient form https://www.ajmal.pk/male-problems-form/ or call on
      +92 3074409221 | 042 37120542 to discuss with Hakeem. Thanks

  40. Mazhar Adeel

    It’s effective in the treatment of sexual strength, premature ejaculation and low sperm count. Recommended!

  41. Bilal Yaseen

    Majun Raig Mahi is used in medicine as an ingredient to treat different disorders such as obesity, cardiac disorder, sexual debility etc. Recommended!

  42. Usman Aslam

    Majun Raig Mahi is a medicinal condiment used among Middle Eastern and other countries as a remedy for several ailments like a sexual strength, premature ejaculation and low sperm count etc. Highly Recommended!

  43. Qasim Ali

    Assam o Alaikum
    Sir i am arthritis patient can i use this majun for men power
    Waiting for your reply

    • web team

      Sir its better to consult with Hakeem with your details.
      please fill out this patient form https://www.ajmal.pk/male-problems-form/ or call on
      +92 3074409221 | 042 37120542 to discuss with Hakeem. Thanks

  44. Ferwed Saweja

    This is the best product that i have ever used.

  45. Nadeem

    Ye Majoon Nafs may hardness or erection k leye use kr sakte kia?

    • Hasaan

      Sir its better to consult with Hakeem with your details.
      please fill out this patient form https://www.ajmal.pk/male-problems-form/ or call on
      +92 3074409221 | 042 37120542 to discuss with Hakeem. Thanks

  46. Inam Khan

    Majiun Raig Mahi is formulated to give you energy, increase your libido, improve your testosterone levels and make you stronger. Recommended!

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