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Majun Muqawwi Mumsik increases sexual desire gives more vitality to the male organ.  Also increases the strength of erection with a full flow of the blood. High-quality aphrodisiac and as well as effective in sexual debility.


1 To 2 With Luke Warm Milk.

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10 reviews for Majun Muqawwi Mumsik

  1. sajidazam1122

    its ingredients plz

    • web team

      کاہو,جائفل,جاوتری,برگ قناب,فندق,بادام,چلغوزہ,پستہ,اخروٹ,کدو,خشخاش وغیرہ۔ شکریہ

  2. Asad jura

    High-quality aphrodisiac and as well as effective in sexual debility. This medicine increase sexual desires, hghly recommended

  3. Ali Ahmad

    I selected this because of the vascular health benefits. started working out again and love adding this to my daily regimen. Vitamins, supplements and plenty of water to help me get back to my healthy self.

  4. Muzammil Raja

    Best Product for Male Organ Muscles Strength. I personally tried this. Highly Recommended

  5. sajidazam1122

    How can we contact Hakeem Ahmed Kamal, at which branch he is available or any direct contact number to get in touch with him

    • web team

      Hakeem Ahmed Kamal is available at Railway rd, Gawalmandi, Lahore on the morning shift.
      You can visit Matab or can call on Ph. No.: 92 42 37354226 | Ph. No.: 92 42 37120542 | +92 3074409221, so our staff can transfer to Hakeem sb. Thanks

  6. Rana Shabir

    I have been using this supplement for about a week now, and I must say I can notice a difference. I have energy throughout the day, and most importantly I wake up with strong morning wood, and things are just way more responsive down there! I’m 45 so getting a rock hard stiffy isn’t always the easiest. I get hard sure, but it’s more like a chubby (not 100% erect). Hopefully with taking these daily, I can gain a little something in regards to size. I’m not really after that, but who couldn’t use an extra 1/2-1” of man meat. I’ve also noticed the veins on my penis are more noticeable, so you can tell more blood is flowing there. I’m happy so far.

  7. Farhan

    Best Product for Male Organ Muscles Strength…Highly Recommended.

  8. Haseeb

    It boosts sexual desire, boosts the male organ’s vitality, and boosts the force of erection with complete blood flow.

  9. Aslam Jahangir

    It’s useful to increases sexual desire gives more vitality to the male organ. Recommended!

  10. مجید جٹ

    مجنون مقوی ممسک جنسی خواہش کو بڑھاتا ہے مردانہ اعضاء کو مزید قوت بخشتا ہے۔ خون کے مکمل بہاؤ کے ساتھ عضو تناسل کی طاقت کو بھی بڑھاتا ہے۔ اعلیٰ قسم کا افروڈیسیاک اور ساتھ ہی جنسی کمزوری میں بھی موثر۔بہت اچھی دوا ہے۔

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