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Safoof Bars Ajmali is useful in ringworm infection. It is effective in leucoderma (White patches on the skin). Safoof Bars is used to help with skin disorders and non-healing wounds. The Safoof Bars soothe the skin and provide relief from itching, inflammation, burning, oozing, and pain associated with skin disorders. It protects the entire body surface and retains the body’s fluids and moisture.

Relieves Discomfort in the Gastrointestinal Tract:

It also relieves gastrointestinal discomfort as the natural ingredients in Safoof Bars combat ulcers and gastritis. In addition, it relieves symptoms of gastric distension, biliousness, and dyspepsia.

Taking Care of Wounds:

In addition to improving skin quality, Safoof Bars help in quick wound healing and relieve pain and inflammation. Furthermore, it can be used to treat skin disorders, detoxify the skin, and relieve itching. Additionally, it relieves pain, inflammation, itching, and infested wounds.

Safoof Bars help to reduce excessive gastric secretion, supplement iron in bleeding gastric ulcers, and also help in fighting H. Pylori.


Soak the 5g powder in one cup of water for the whole night. After filtering, drink it in the morning. Add some vinegar in residue and apply on patches. Use at least for 3 months.

Packing Size:

  • 500gm
Packing Size

2 reviews for Safoof Bars | Relieves Vitiligo

  1. Ihtisham Arshad (verified owner)

    I’m first-time use these services is very best product. High Recommend!

  2. Nayra

    Kindly tell me. How it’s taste .

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