Majun Masik-ul-Boul

Majun Masik-ul-Boul

Majun Masik-ul-Boul is effective in incontinence of urine-Effective in bladder problems-It is useful in enuresis (Bed wetting in children)

Majun Masik-ul-Boul

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 140 1,130


Majun Masikul Bole is effective in incontinence of urine. Effective in bladder problems. It is useful in enuresis (Bedwetting happens when a child pees during sleep without knowing it. Many children will use the toilet well during the day-long before they are dry through the night. It can be many months, even years before children stay dry overnight).


5g with water two times a day

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
  • 500gm
  • 1kg


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