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esame white(Safed Til)
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Safed Til:

sesame white or Safed Til seeds, scientifically known as Sesamum Indicum, are tiny and highly nutritious come with a nutty taste and a lot of health benefits while Sesame White uses in many Asian dishes. These seeds (Safed Til benefits) can be cultivated throughout the year while used widely in the winter season because of the energy and heat generating abilities, however, Sesame White uses in the manufacturing of various herbal medicines because of its rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Sesame white is an essential component in these seeds, which has the ability to give strength to hair while it can also be used for other purposes. Safed Til is enriched with copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, molybdenum, and vitamin B1, which make this herb an excellent remedy against many disorders and ailments while promotes overall good health.

Sesamolin and sesamin are essential, and unique substances in Sesame white belong to the lignans group, which maintains the cholesterol level and blood pressure in the body. Sesame also provides excellent protection to the liver against oxidative disorder or damage while giving relief from inflammations; arthritis provides strength to blood vessels and muscles. The phytosterols in sesame are sufficient to provide strength to immunity and works against all kinds of cancers.


  • Lower the cholesterol level
  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Strengthen bones and muscles
  • Treat inflammations
  • Prevent trigeminal blood vessel spasm
  • Useful for insomnia
  • Work against cancer-causing elements
  • Helpful for migraines and headaches
  • Work as a brain tonic

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