Senna or Senna maki is an essential medicinal herb grown largely in China, India, Sudan, and Africa used as a powerful remedy to treat numerous ailments and disorders. The other common names of this herb are cassia marilandica, loctus plant, and wild senna however used widely to relieve constipation because of the laxative properties and anthraquinones content.

Glucosides, sinusoids, and derivative components in Senna eliminate bacterial infections and kill germs in the digestive tract to improve intestinal disorders. Senna maki is exceptionally beneficial for excellent hair health by promoting blood flow to hair follicles, which increases hair volume and strength.

The irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be cured with this herb because of the laxative approach; however, it also decreases stomach ache and bloating. Acetone, tannins,  ethanol, and flavonoids are the other notable components in Senna, which are beneficial for overall human health.

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory characteristics of this provide significant relief from piles or hemorrhoids caused by long sitting or chronic constipation.  The anthelmintic and anti-bacterial effects of this herb are also remarkable while considered useful for various skin diseases such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

For all kind of digestive issues including parasitize, dyspepsia and proliferation, It is considered very useful and improves the overall respiratory health and work as a body detoxifier by eliminating the toxicity from the body through urination.



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