Raisins (Munakka ) are essentially a variety of dehydrated or dried grapes and treated as an extremely nutritious herb in customary eastern remedies. Encourage regularly as a part of the food for those patients who are supposed to recuperate from chronic illness. Possessing a freshening nature and sugary taste, Raisins are considered dry fruit, majorly used for garnishing muffins and dishes in Asia.

Munakka (Raisins) has a high amount of herbal sugars i.e., sucrose and glucose, which are regarded as expedient in gaining weight. Additionally, it provides a wealthy supply of calcium and micro-nutrient boron that supports strengthening bones and teeth. The amount of ‘catechin’- and useful anti-oxidant and ‘Kaempferol,’ a flavonoid, are found in Munaqa, which assists in limiting the increase of cancerous colon tumors. As an accurate supply of Polyphenolic and phytonutrients, it is considered vigorous for human eyes.


Munakka (Raisins), along with fennel seed, is considered very useful in acidity. Keep it soaked in water in a single day and drink this water in the morning. Dentists endorse ingesting 5-7 munaqqa daily, as it helps protect teeth from the cavity, decay, and other gums-associated complications.


Note: “According to fitness experts, diabetic patients should not use it without consulting the physician. “

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