Petre Salt | Kalmi Shora | قلمی شورہ

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kalmi shora(Petre Salt)
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Kalmi Shora:

Petre Salt or Kalmi Shora is a compound found in the caves of mountains or in the soil, which is rich in the organic matter while used highly in ayurvedic medicine system because of the therapeutic properties. In the first form, saltpetre is white solid crystalline usually give the powdered appearance. The historical records show the Petre Salt uses to cure various diseases or conditions because of the close relation of nitrate and nitrite in kalmi Shora benefits.

From the centuries, saltpetre works as a diuretic and to cure all the stomach related ailments. The painful sensitivity of the teeth can also be avoided very well with kalmi Shora benefits. Because of the soothing and muscle-relaxing effects, the Petre Salt uses are treat the lung issues; however, the anti-bacterial elements help treat asthma and chronic bronchitis.

Saltpetre is used widely as a diuretic to prevent various oedema forms and to guard against bacterias to work as a food preservative. The Shora antiasthmatic properties in this product are helpful to control spasms and to cure Asthma while relaxing the respiratory tracts.


  • Works as fertilizer
  • Food Preservative
  • Prevents teeth sensitivity
  • Cure mouth ulcers
  • Good for stomach ailments
  • Preserve meat

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