Mustard Hedge | Khoob Kalan | خوب کلاں

Mustard Hedge | Khoob Kalan | خوب کلاں

Khoob Kalan

Mustard Hedge | Khoob Kalan | خوب کلاں

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Khoob Kalan Cultivated originally from the rough grounds, field margins, or in wastelands, Ajmal Herbs Khoob Kalan(Mustard Hedge) is an excellent herb with pungent taste, contains diverse benefits and positive effects in a daily routine. A lot of therapeutic and medical properties are attached to this herb used widely in many places, especially in South Asian and Middle East countries. Sourced and processed un-synthetically, Ajmal Herbs Khoob Kalan is free of chemicals to ensure the maximum health advantages.

The anti-inflammatory and antibiotic approach promotes the use in the manufacturing of various medicines while glucosinolates, cardiac glycoside, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils are ideal for curing many diseases, infections, and swellings. Khoob Kalan works excellently against ulcers, cold effects, throat infections, piles, and jaundice. In-home remedies of rheumatic issues and gout, Mustard Hedge plays a crucial role because of the diverse diuretic properties. Mustard Hedge leaves are edible and used in Salads and some other dishes as they contain a good amount of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, and minerals.


  • Original, fresh and superior quality
  • No toxic elements include
  • Packed in a hygienic environment
  • Anti-tussive and febrifuge
  • Anti-bacterial approach


  • Effective for urinary issues
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Prevent inflammatory effects
  • Helpful in lost voice restoration
  • Excellent mouthwash
  • Make the cardiac muscles strong
  • Reduce cough, fever, chest and throat infections

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