Liquorice | Mulethi | ملٹھی

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Liquorice (Mulethi)
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Liquorice or Mulethi is one of the most beneficial herbs used for curing digestive issues, all along with the treatment of liver protection and weight reduction. Liquorice or licorice is considered to play a vital role for the sake of oral health hygiene. Our expertise found this herb much effective concerning the equilibrium of the immune system as well as memory and even accommodating in refining the hormonal regulations as well. Mulethi is regarded as a form of herbal supplement enriched in anti-oxidants escaping the human body against some particular health issues all over the world. Expectorant and bronchodilator characteristics prevent coughing and chronic asthma.

Good as a cooking ingredient containing an excellent taste in the flavoring of diverse dishes. 100% pure and fresh Ajmal Herbs Mulethi is also substantial in terms of providing skin brightening results, all along with the healing of acne. In the body’s internal essence, Mulethi can treat against eczema or act as the natural sunscreen for securing facial sensitivity while protecting the immune system.


  • Skin brightening
  • Brings anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Acne healing
  • Treating eczema
  • Protecting the immune system
  • Improves Heart health


1 ML of the herb is regularly recommended to consume for a certain course of time, though; the dosage amount can be varied, reliant on the purpose of intake.

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