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Lemon Grass
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Lemon Grass:

High in proteins, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins, and folic Acid, This is excellent to obtain enormous bodied, skin, and hair benefits. Enriched with the essentials like B5, B-6, and B-1 vitamins, Lemon grass uses for various reasons. Free of caffeine and other harmful ingredients, lemongrass can bring enormous benefits while it can be stored for an extended period of time without losing the original flavor it is famous for. Oil extracted from the lemongrass contains anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that serve numerous purposes, while the taste of foods can be enhanced by adding this herb in powder or any other form these are some precious Lemon grass benefits.

Moreover, this tea with its refreshing taste, antioxidant approach, and fantastic aroma encounters you with the best tea consumption experience full of minerals and disease-preventing properties. Enjoy incredible Lemon grass benefits and positive health impacts with our high quality, 100% uncontaminated, chemical-free, fresh, and exotic lemongrass at the best and affordable price.  Get an order at your doorstep from Ajmal


  • Fresh and original Lemongrass without chemical addition
  • Refreshing and nutritious
  • Prevent indigestion, colitis, gastro, and stress
  • Beneficial skin-toner
  • Enriched with anti-fungal elements to avert swelling and pain
  • Citrus, lemony, and fresh flavor

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