Ispaghol Musalam (Herb) | (جڑی بوٹی) اسپغول مسلم

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Ispaghol Musalam
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Ispaghol Musalam:

Ispaghol Musalam or (Psyllium seeds) is from the Plantaginaceae family, which is native to Iran and India. The plant of Psyllium is Plantago ovata is normally used for its viscous properties. Psyllium seeds has been used for the treatment of constipation, stomach ulcers, inflammation of the intestines, and heart-burning problems for centuries. The Psyllium seeds (Ispaghol  Musalam) contain a high amount of fatty oils, xylose, and galacturonic acids, which have lots of health benefits.

Ispaghol alleviates constipation and removes the diarrheal symptoms causing loose stools as well as irritable bowel syndrome. It also provides strength to the heart and takes out the factors causing cardiovascular problems. It is also helpful in managing and lowering high cholesterol levels. People who are experiencing obesity-related issues can use it to reduce weight.


Due to the rich-fiber nature of Ispaghol Musalam, it is the best treatment for constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome as it provides a soothing effect to the stomach and intestines and provides softness to the GI tract. Patients with diabetic problems can also use it as it also has benefits for diabetic patients. As stated above, it is also of benefit for cardiovascular diseases, by providing detoxified blood to veins. It also manages the high cholesterol levels under normal ranges. and Reduces weight and provides a slim and smart physical look.

Ispaghol Musalam Key Action:

  • Laxative
  • Soluble dietary fiber
  • Glucose-lowering effects
  • Antioxidant

Key Constituents:

  • Polysaccharides
  • Pentoses
  • Hexoses
  • Uronic acids

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  1. Nimra

    Tukhme aspagol hai ??

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