Globe Thistle | Mandi Booti | منڈی بوٹی

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Globe Thistle (Mandi Booti)
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Mandi Booti:

Mandi Booti or (Globe Thistle uses) is a well-known herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family and cultivated largely in Asian and European regions. Mandi Booti benefits are used excessively in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines and to treat various ailments. The leaves, roots, and seeds contain a rich quantity of bioflavonoids, mucilages, chlorophyll, tannins, polyunsaturated oil, and inulin which promotes good health is precious.

Globe thistle is very well-recognized for the analgesic, diuretic, antiviral and antirheumatic while improves liver functionality and give relief from all kinds of fevers. The blood sugar, cholesterol level, and blood pressure can be maintained remarkably with the proper consumption of this Mandi Booti benefits herb however Globe Thistle uses the best cure for sexual disorders.

Rheumatic joints and other infections can also be treated very well with globe thistle because of the galactagogue and anti-inflammatory properties while helpful in preventing breast abscesses or said tension. By stimulating the liver, this herb boosts the appetite while works against chronic diseases, joint pains, and various disorders. This herb is also considered a mild laxative that improves digestion and soothes liver functionality.


  •  Treat Dysuria
  •  Prevent Diabetes
  •  Work against cardiac diseases
  •  Cure urolithiasis and Leucorrhea
  •  Give relief from fever
  •  Prevent skin diseases and eczema
  •  Helpful for respiratory disorders
  •  Useful against gastrointestinal issues
  •  Good for nerve disorders

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