Emblic Myrobalan | Amla | آملہ

Emblic Myrobalan | Amla | آملہ


Emblic Myrobalan | Amla | آملہ

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Emblic Myrobalan is a greenish thin-skinned, small-sized, and juicy berry which flesh tastes both sour and bitter. Apparently, amla has 6,7 faint yellowish lines on this kin which make it a segmented fruit. In winters, Emblic Myrobalan is grown in tropical areas of South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Ajmal Herbs Amla provides an abundance of health benefits and has been used as Ayurvedic medicine anciently. Along with multiple antioxidants, It is regarded to have phenols, flavonoids, and tannins. Additionally, Emblic Myrobalan possesses 20 times a plenteous amount of Vitamin C as compared to an Orange.

Amla helps to substantiate the energy level in the human body and stimulates salivary glands while quenching the thirst. Ideal for dealing with high levels of cholesterol and diabetes plus helps in promoting digestion and heart health. Commonly, Emblic Amla can treat the coughing and inflammation of the throat.

For treating high levels of cholesterol, 0.5 gram Amla extract juice is taken twice a day for 12 weeks, and for treating hurt burns, 1 gram extract juice is taken twice for 4 weeks.

Uses :

  • Boosts up energy
  • Stimulates salivary glands
  • Deals with high levels of cholesterol and diabetes
  • Promotes heart health
  • Evens digestion
  • Treats coughing And throat inflammation
  • Makes hair stronger

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