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(Maghaz Chahar) Dried Melon Seeds
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Dried Melon Seeds:

Chahar Maghaz (Dried Melon seeds) produced without any artificial pesticides, rich in various minerals, omega 3, potassium, fatty acids, and proteins to bring enormous benefits for the body, mind, skin, and hair. Formulated from the watermelon seeds naturally which are grown, harvested, dried, and then pack in a quality way to promote many health benefits. High-quality and natural approaches are guaranteed to eliminate the risk of any artificial ways to dry the seeds.

Fibers, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins make the functionality of the body system appropriate. You will also love the taste without any trace of artificial fragrance or flavors. In brain rejuvenation and development, Chahar Maghaz(Dried Melon seeds) plays a crucial role while making the brain cells strong and maintained.

The fresh consumption of Ajmal Herbs Chahar Maghaz is attached to protect the heart, control the blood sugar while catering to daily potassium requirements increasing the energy level. Bones deterioration at an early age can also be avoided by taking the right quantity regularly.


  • 100% Organic and fresh without additives
  • No synthetic way used in the formation
  • Offers Vitamin B
  • Excellent source of magnesium to save from early bones deterioration
  • Enriched with magnesium and copper Delicious in taste

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