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Country Mallow (Beej Band)
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Country Mallow:

Country Mallow uses or (Beej band) also known as Sida cordifolia Linn, Bala, flannel sida, heartleaf sidea, Indian country mallow, and flannel weed is a herbaceous plant, sweet in taste, cultivated in Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, and the Islands of Africa, Hawaii, Australia, United States while belongs to Malvaceae family. The plant is usually growing along roadsides, wastelands, sandy lands, grasslands, forests, and fields.

This Beej band herb is widely Beej band used in the preparation of Ayurvedic and traditional medicines because of the biochemical components such as resin acids, fatty oils, sterculic, pseudoephedra, palmitic acid, saponin, and stearic acid to boost up the immunity as well as for other ailments. Country Mallow or Beej band is considered highly beneficial to revitalize the muscular system. The active ingredients in-country mellow such as hypaphorine, ephedrine, phytosterol, and vasicinone produce immuno-modulatory effects on the human body while strengthening the bones and joints.

With the absorbent and Vata pacifying effects, this Beej band herb is really the best used from ancient times to treat various disorders. The anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, and analgesic properties of country mallow are effective for all kinds of inflammations and injuries; however, the diuretic approach improves the working of the nervous and cardiovascular system. The athletes will find country mallow an excellent supplement as it is anabolic and boost up the energy level in the human body.

Uses :

  • Boost up the strength
  • Make the bones and joints strong
  • Prevent bleeding issues
  • Effective for emaciation
  • Strengthen the immunity system
  • Brings glow on the skin
  • Good for injuries and small wounds
  • Treat diarrhea asthma and bronchitis
  • Relives headache and inflammation
  • Useful weight loss remedy

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