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Bitterstick (Chiretta)
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Bitterstick (Chiretta benefits) is a remarkable medicinal herb that belongs to the Gentianaceae family while found widely in India while the common names are chirayata, kirata tikta, chiravata, and haima. This herb possesses a bitter taste, Bitterstick uses remarkably in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines and other herbal remedies to treat various ailments and diseases.

Being the blood purifier, Bitterstick uses removes all kinds of toxicity from the body while also used as a laxative to treat constipation. Numerous health issues can be resolved with this herb because of the anti-diabetic, anti-viral, and anti-biotic approach, while various alkaloids, enicoflavine, mangiferin, ophelic acid, chiratenol, and pichierenol are other essential components in Chiretta benefits.

All kinds of digestive and stomach issues can be treated with the consumption of chiretta and increase the appetite. Bitterstick is a useful therapeutic plant that is enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anthelmintic, and tonic properties through which inflammations, fever, and malaria are treated, and many skin diseases can also be cured.

Bitterstick is also considered an excellent liver detoxifier through which the liver functionality can be regulated and promotes weight loss. The blood sugar level can also be maintained by using chiretta and treat arthritis. The disturbed nutrition patterns become normal with the proper consumption of chiretta and elaborate hypoglycemic activity.


  • Increase Appetite
  • Remove toxins from the blood
  • Improve digestion
  • Treat stomach cramps
  • Prevent diarrhea
  • Resolve liver disorders
  • Manage blood sugar level
  • Prevent skin diseases
  • Work against convulsions
  • Remove intestinal worms

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