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Beleric Myrobalan (Bahera)
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Beleric Myrobalan or Bahera benefits is a valuable herb, belongs to Combretaceae found all over India, bitter in taste and grows up to 40m height. Beleric Myrobalan uses are cultivated usually in May, enriched in numerous therapeutical and antibacterial properties.

For digestive and respiratory disorders, Bahera benefits are considered highly beneficial and known very well for the laxative, analgesic, astringent and expectorant characteristics and used widely in Chinese and Ayurvedic medical course to treat many diseases.

The diuretic effects of Beleric Myrobalan uses to make it useful for leucoderma and anemia; however, the antihelmintic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant substance cure asthma, dropsy, cough, bronchitis, cardiac issues, and ulcers. Bahera is also believed to be a natural sedative that works excellently for insomnia.

Those who want weight loss in minimum time should consider the usage of this herb which has the ability to shrink fats with the astringent taste however the blood purifying properties keep the digestive system of the body maintained by removing toxins. The presence of dietary fibers in Bahera improves the digestion of food while regulates the hunger routine. Vitamin C and minerals including iron, potassium, copper, selenium, and magnesium, give a smooth effect to the skin and prevent inflammation.


  • Used as laxative
  • Prevent eye infections
  • Relieves Asthma and cold effects
  • Improves hair growth and health
  • Cure worm infestation
  • Effective weight loss solution
  • Good for skin and inflammation
  • Treat Constipation
  • Lower the cholesterol level
  • Maintain blood pressure in the body

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