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Almond (Badam)
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Almond (Badam) belongs to Rosaceae is widely grows in Mediterranean countries, Europe, and California, 10 to 20 feet high, considered to be the most nutritious herb with a long health benefits history. The deciduous almond trees have pale light pink flowers and fruits which contain almond nut, which is considered highly laxative and anti-spasmodic.

The delicious badam taste, along with the emollient and nutritive benefits, brings enormous positive impacts on your body and mental health; however, Almond benefits is an effective solution for constipation, kidney issues, and gallstones. The rich quantity of laetrile ingredient or Vitamin B-17 reported having an excellent solution to prevent or treat cancer. Moreover, the presence of essential minerals, fiber, iron, vitamins, and proteins reduces the heart attack risk and avoids problems of cholesterol also. Powerful antioxidants in Almonds fight very well against aging and radical effects.

The proper amount of phosphorus is sufficient for teeth and bones to make them strong by providing strength. Badam also contains magnesium and promotes adequate sleep; however, it is considered a great memory enhancer if consumed 2 hours before breakfast. The consumption of almonds on a daily basis is good for celiac patients as they are gluten-free; however, the small amount of laterite prevents colon cancer.


  • Enhances the taste and nutrition value of food
  • Treats Insomnia
  • Suitable for weak memory and eyesight
  • Maintain blood pressure and sugar level
  • Cure Cough and Bronchitis
  • Prevent Cancer
  • Excellent for magnesium deficiency
  • Osteoporosis solution
  • Reduce Fats from the body

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