Khamira Abresham Shira Unnab | For Heart & Lung Weakness

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Khamira Abresham Shira Unnab provides energy to the heart and brain. Cerebral and cardiac tonic. Tranquillizer, helpful in restlessness, palpitation. It improves eyesight.


Adults: 5g with water two times a day.

Children: 1g to 3g with water two times a day.

Or as directed by the physician.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Protect: from light and heat.

Keep the medicine cut to reach the children.

Packing Size:

  • 50gm
Packing Size

7 reviews for Khamira Abresham Shira Unnab | For Heart & Lung Weakness

  1. Ramzan

    Best Medicine for Diseases of heart

  2. Najma Khalid

    Very Effective for liver and blood pressure

  3. Asif Ali

    Effective Medicine for Liver Care… Highly Recommended..

  4. raghib jahan

    This medicine best in liver disease and very effective results , I personaly used …recommended

  5. Naeem Iqbal

    This is a great product works great I can move a lot better since I began to use this.

  6. Shah Muraad

    This medicine is working good in blood pressure disease. Personally used effective results, Highly recommended

  7. Daniyal Mugees

    Useful in dry cough and tuberculosis. Is also useful in nervous debility, anxiety states and palpitation. Reduces the heat of the stomach. Also strengthens the brain and lungs and increases eyesight. Highly Recommended!

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