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Arq Chobchini Ba Nuskha Kalan


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Arq Chobchini Ba Nuskha Kalan is useful in the purification of blood. It is also effective in purging mal humor, blood impurities from the body. Prevents itching pruritis and other skin eruptions. Arq Chobchini Ba Nuskha Kalan helps in blood cleansing. Arq Chobchini is particularly beneficial in alleviating joint pain, purifying the blood, and treating boils, acne, syphilis, and sciatica.

Significance of having pure blood

Blood is in charge of carrying substances to cells for them to conduct the following critical functions:

  • Respiratory: Transports oxygen and removes carbon dioxide via the lungs.
  • Immune: Protects the body through white blood cells and antibodies in plasma.
  • Excretory: Removes waste and residue
  • Regulatory: Maintains body temperature and maintains PH balance.

Blood is responsible for all critical bodily functions and must be kept clean.

It also helps remove mal humour and blood pollutants from the body. Itching, pruritus, and other skin outbreaks are prevented.


1 cup before breakfast or as directed by a physician

Packing Size:

  • 800ml


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