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ajmaleen 54 is best high blood pressure medication in pakistan

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Ajmaleen is effective medicine in reducing blood pressure. It helps in reducing blood pressure slowly and makes it in normal range. It also eliminates agitation, perplexity, insomnia and restlessness. The major ingredient of Ajmaleen 54 is Rauwolfia Serpentina that was extensively used by the great Hakim Ajmal Khan for treating High Blood Pressure. The formula of Ajmaleen 54 was formulated by Great Hakim Ajmal Khan.

Later, Hakim Ajmal Khan told Dr. Salimuzzaman Siddiqui to carry out further research on it in Germany. Dr. Siddiqui performed further studies and clinical trials on this herb and formed this herbal remedy for high blood pressure. He named it “Ajmaline” after the great Hakim Ajmal Khan.

Ajmaleen 54 has proved its efficiency in the treatment of high blood pressure and is considered as an effective herbal remedy for High Blood Pressure. It is 100% natural herbal medicine with no side effects. It slowly lowers the blood pressure bringing it to normal ranges. Ajmaleen 54  is best high blood pressure medication in Pakistan.


  • Ajmaleen 54 is helps to Reduces high blood pressure
  • Eliminates agitation
  • Removes perplexity
  • Treats insomnia
  • Eliminates restlessness


1 to 4 tablets in 24 hours or as directed by the physician


  • Keep the medicine out of children’s reach.
  • Consult with a physician first. Self-medication is not recommended.


Isrol (Rauvolfia serpentina Benth)

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  • 20tabs
  • 200tabs
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Additional Information

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Reviews (43)

43 reviews for Ajmaleen 54 | For High Blood Pressure

  1. Hk. Iman.

    It is the best medicine of high blood pressure. I have used it on multiple patients and found 100% result. In my opinion it the best medicine for high blood pressure which permanently cures high blood pressure.

  2. co.lnfbe

    Very effective medicine for high blood pressure with no side effect.

  3. James Barrett

    I have had great luck with this brand so when I saw this product I decided to purchase for my mom. It’s been about a week and my mom loves them. The pills are easy to swallow and don’t have a harsh taste. She has asked me to order more when she runs out. I will be ordering more in the future!

  4. Akram Jameel

    This medicine is very good! I use this medicine. This medicine is to control high blood pressure.

  5. Atif Jamal

    I have been using natural supplements instead of a doctor’s prescription for high blood pressure. I showed the medicine packaging to the doctor. She checked my blood pressure and said, “Keep taking it, it works.

  6. Elnaz Hussain

    I’ve been using ajmaleen a natural supplement instead of what the doctor prescribed for high blood pressure. I showed the medicine to the doctor. She looked at what my blood pressure was and said “keep taking it, it works”.

  7. Ramzan Khan

    My blood pressure was consistently above 135/80 and it is now consistently 122/72 range. I have used this medicine and it is very beneficial.

  8. Hafsa Latif

    100 % effective medicine to control Blood pressure. My Mother Used this last month. will buy it again for her…

  9. Areej Faiz

    Highly Beneficial in Controlling Blood Pressures. Will Buy it Again

  10. Anamta Sajawal

    Alhamdulillah Recovered from 2 years Old illness. Highly Beneficial in controlling Blood Pressure.

  11. Aahil

    I am in my early 40s and have been fighting high blood pressure. but every time I see my primary care doctor, I have problems with my blood pressure. Part of the reason is White Coat Syndrome, but there must be some health aspects that I have been worrying about, but this medicine is very good.

  12. Aamir

    Reduced my blood pressure from around 165/95 to 122/76 within a few hours. The next morning, the BP is 120/77… Due to all complications, Rx will never be accepted for BP. So happy to find this great product.

  13. Barkat Khan

    This medicine are extremely effective to reduce my bp.

  14. muraad

    Exceptionally viable medication for hypertension with no incidental effect.

  15. Ibrahim

    100 times better than my prescription medicine. It conflicted with my prescription blood pressure medicine, so I had to risk stopping taking the prescription medicine to try this. Now I have to find a new MD that does not oppose this-it will be difficult. I always let the herbs slowly dissolve in my mouth. It started to work within half an hour. I also like this only herbs medicine.

  16. Hamza

    If you follow the instructions, the product can be used. At first I only took two pills twice a day, but I should take four pills. After doing this, my blood pressure dropped to 140/90 after 30 minutes. They also have great customer service.

  17. Umar

    I just bought another pack and will continue to use it. My hope is to make these numbers lower. I don’t want to start taking antihypertensive drugs-I hope this will work with lifestyle exercise and diet changes. I put my hands together.

  18. Raahil

    Mann! ! ! ! Can I tell you how I woke up from this product. Haha High blood pressure, high blood pressure, all these things were a problem before, and after using Genius Heart in a short period of time, I already feel much better. I really like these people because they use science to support everything. They don’t use the word science as a buzzword like most companies do. You can actually look up the specific ingredient forms they use (because they have brand names) and see dozens of scientific references supporting them.

  19. Rafay

    One of the reasons I don’t like taking most supplements is because the actual ingredients are brought from China and you are not sure what you actually get. The biggest difference with this is that all 4 ingredients are purchased from Pakistan, and there is no heavy lead and container put together. The company conducted a 3rd party test on them. This is really just the best quality you can get.

  20. Aaqib

    I can’t fully recommend this product, I’m pretty sure it can extend the lifespan! It does wonders for the cardiovascular system. It can improve your heart health and brain function, and help eliminate oxidative stress. The stress on the heart can be devastating, and you won’t even see it for half of the time.

  21. Aamir

    The product seems to work well. I would recommend this product to anyone with high blood pressure.

  22. Uzair

    It is best for High Blood pressure.

  23. Faisal

    100 times better than my prescription medicine. it’s benficial

  24. Akbar

    We received this product yesterday and started taking it right away and noticed a decrease in blood pressure quickly. highly recommend

  25. Hamid

    Delivery was super fast received the pills my bp was 157 and took 1 pill and drank water and it went down to 126 definitely recommend natural ingredients I prefer these pills instead of medications..

  26. Khalid

    I have stopped taking Lisinopril and am now taking this for my blood pressure. So far, they are working.

  27. Shareef Ahmad

    Lowered my Blood Pressure within a few hours, from around 165/95 to 122/76. The following morning, BP was 120/77…

    Will never take a Rx for BP due to all the complications. So nice to find this GREAT product!!!

  28. Abdul Jabaar

    Great product. If you don’t get immediate results as some comments suggest, don’t be discouraged. Everyone’s system reaction is different. I used the product every day for 20 days as recommended, and I saw significant results.

  29. Faaiz Ali

    I’ve had mild high blood pressure so I tried these pills and they help a little bit. They seem to help better than anything else I’ve tried they completely take care of the problem .

  30. Ibrahim

    I have used this product and I am happy to find it on ajmal.pk. And I am very impressed with this product. After 2-3 weeks of use, I found that my blood pressure and resting heart rate dropped significantly.

  31. Ali

    I really like this product. I recently went to see a doctor and found that my blood pressure was very high. So I have been taking this product and doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at the same time, my blood pressure dropped a lot. This medicine is very effective.

  32. بلال

    پچھلے کافی دن سے میرا بلڈ پریشر کم نہیں ہو رہا تھا جس کی وجہ سے میری طبیعت بہت خراب رہنے لگ گئی تھی مانے اجمالین کی کمرشل دھکی اور اس کو خریدا یہ میڈیسن استعمال کرنے کے کچھ ہی دن بعد میری طبیعت پہلے جیسی نارمل ہو گئی شکریہ اجمالین

  33. Zayan

    My father’s blood pressure was not getting better for a long time. I searched for this medicine from Ajmal website and brought my father Saab and in a few days he will be fine. There is really a lot of healing in herbal medicine.

  34. ARSHAD

    جس کا بلڈ پریشر کنٹرول میں نہیں رہتا وہ آک دفع یہ میڈیسن استمال کرے اس کو فرق محسوس ہو گا میں اس میڈیسن کی اس وجہ سے تعریف کر رہا ہوں کے میرے والد صاب کا بلڈ پریشر کنٹرول میں ہی نہیں رہتا تھا جب سے یہ میڈیسن کھانی شروع کی ہے اب وہ بلکل ٹھیک ہے

  35. Amir Sohail

    Best Medicine to Control Blood Pressure, Better Than Pharmaceuticals…. Personally Tried It’s Highly Beneficial…

  36. Mahad

    A very useful medicine made from herbs. It controls instant blood pressure. I keep it at home all the time…..



  38. Zahid Kamal

    Last two blood pressure readings were normal. There’s no doubt this supplement has helped me to get back to normal.

  39. Aadeel

    بلڈ پریشر کنٹرول کرنے کے لیے بہت مفید دوا ہے اس کو استمال کرنے سے فوری بلڈ پریشر نارمل ہو جاتا ہے

  40. Ashiq Sadiq

    I have used this product for a number of years, it is the only product I have found that actually keeps my blood pressure at a healthy level.


    I had pain in my heart. I noticed I had a great improvement after two weeks of taking it everyday

  42. اليم

    میرا بلڈ پریشر ہر وقت بڑا رہتا تھا جس کی وجہ سے مجھے بہت تکلیف رہتی تھی جب سے یہ میڈیسن استمال کی ہے اب بلکل ٹھیک ہے شکریہ اجملین

  43. Usman

    Very effective medicine for high blood pressure….Highly Recommended.

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