Habbe Jawahar Muskin | For Palpitations & Uneasiness


Habbe Jawahar Muskin


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Habbe Jawahar Muskin is useful for palpitation and restlessness. Beneficial in the recovery from long-term illnesses. Tonic for the heart, brain, and liver.

Heart palpitations are irregular heartbeats that can be felt. Other symptoms may or may not appear at the same time. For example, your heart may pound, flutter, or beat erratically, often for only a few seconds or minutes. These feelings may also be felt in your throat or neck.

Relationship between the liver and the brain

Toxins accumulate in the blood when the liver fails to function properly. Toxins can enter the brain and disrupt brain function. People suffering from hepatic encephalopathy may appear disoriented. Treatments can remove toxins from the body and reverse this transitory condition.

All essential organs lose some functioning as they age or after a protracted illness. Aging causes changes in all of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs, affecting all body systems’ operations. Many people suffer from general weakness or a sense of being lethargic. Habbe Jawahar Muskin is ideal for feeling energized and refreshed in these circumstances.


1 Tablet with Balai 10g. or with Khameera Gaozaban Ambri Jawahar 2 times a day.

Or as directed by the physician.

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  • 20tabs
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