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Habbe Amber Momyai is a safe brain, heart and general tonic with no side effects and incredible rate of success. Composed of natural ingredients including Amber, Musk, Saffron and several traditional esteemed herbs and minerals.

It is also an effective preparation for preserving potency and vigor by potentiating the vital organs. Habbe Amber Momyai removes sexual debility and safeguards virile power. Habbe Amber Momyai improves sperm count and also removes underlying causes of impotence.

It was especially helpful in alleviating male impotence related to heavy smoking, diabetes mellitus and other circulatory feeble situations like peripheral vascular disease, etc.

  • Strengthens Vital organs
  • Restores lost energy
  • Removes sexual debility and impotency
  • Strengthens joints & bones
  • Enhancement of normal sexual function
  • It is a great brain heart and general tonic
  • Most effective for diabetics


One tablet twice a day after meals with warm milk for 40 days as a general tonic.

To regain sexual power two tablets with a warm cup of milk around 5.00 pm. Can be used with other Labub Kabir or as directed by the physician.

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  • 20tabs
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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Habbe Amber Momyai | Nerves & Vital Organs

  1. Ahmad

    جسمانی اور اعصابی کمزوری کیلئے بہترین دوا، خاص کر سردیوں میں۔ لیکن اس کے دودھ زیادہ پیئں اور خالص ہو ملائی والا۔

  2. waseem Jameel

    It’s Highly Effective Medicine for erectile brokenness and expanding Pleasure time. I’ve Used this multiple occasions due to zero side viability.

  3. Waseem Gurmani

    I have used this Medicine for the last year or more due to the effectiveness of the product. I would recommend to anyone.

  4. Hafsa Latif

    I order this medicine for my husband because he was facing male health weakness. I was also very worried about his situation. After using this medicine he was totally fit and now we are enjoying a happy married life and I am very satisfied with my husband performance.. Highly Recommended

  5. شاہ مراد

    اہم اعضاء کو مضبوط بناتا ہے کھوئی ہوئی توانائی کو بحال کرتا ہے۔
    جنسی کمزوری اور نامردی کو ختم کرتا ہے میں نے اس سے بہت فائدہ اٹھایا ہے۔

  6. حمزہ علی

    یہ میڈیسن کافی اچھی ہ مجھے یہ میڈیسن کھانے کے بعد کافی بہتر محسسوس ہوا اپ بی استعمال کرے اپ کو بی بہتر ہی محسوس ہو گا مے اس کی سفارش کرو گا .

  7. muraad

    Perfect medicine for sexual disorder. Highly recomended

  8. Ahsan Asif

    Habbe Amber Momyai is a protected cerebrum, heart and general tonic with no incidental effects and unimaginable pace of progress. Made out of normal fixings including Amber, Musk, Saffron and a few customary regarded spices and minerals.





  11. Mudassar Ali

    One of the Best Medicine for Vital Organs Strength… Very Effective due to its powerful ingredients…. Highly Recommended…

  12. Mazhar Hussain

    Highly effective medicine for male health

  13. Nadeem Naeem

    This Medicine Restores my all of male organ strength which i was about to loose with my hope… Then this medicine did magic for me…. Now I am totally recovered and healthy…

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