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Digestive problems can be troublesome and mortifying. Our gas mint product efforts swiftly to reduce flatulence, gas, abdominal discomfort and indigestion.  Contains the main ingredient named as badyan which is capable to eliminate bloating and feeling of heaviness after eating.

Gas mint works as carminative and able to treat heartburn and inflammation and it also gives comfort to gastro problems so you can come back to enjoying your life with freshness and happiness. It is a trusted and quick action remedy with 100% natural and safe.


  • Badian is a plant used in this Product as an ingredient to treat various digestive problems such as gas, indigestion, dyspepsia, and flatulence. Sedative effect of badian gives comfort to your digestive tract and has calming properties.
  • Keora is an ingredient of gas mint product used to treat infection, fever, inflammation and gastro problems.
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25 reviews for Gas Mint | For Flatulence

  1. Sunny


  2. Faizan Imtiyaz

    These help somewhat, but don’t totally rid the gas situation. The chewables taste pretty good. I like to take them after a heavy meal. Not a bad price either, compared to most drug stores.

  3. IRFAN

    This thing is a godsend! I take it 3 times a day before meals, and my digestive system health has been amazingly improved.


    I’ve tried everything… pysillum husk, other enzymes, fiber, stool softner, linzess, slippery elm bark, probiotics etc. Butt this syrup is very good and effective.


    I haven’t seen a gastroenterologist about any of my issues, so this is all personal anecdote/observation and self-diagnosis. I am not a medical professional. These syrup have changed my life and this syrup is very effective.

  6. Waheed Akhter

    I love the flavour and they are a delightful size.

  7. Junaid Akram

    I was hardly effected by gastronal disease. I tried every kind of remedy and medicines but still was in pain. Then I tried this Amazing Product, After using 1 week I feel that this is the best medicine for gastronal diseases. Highly Recommended. Don’t Hesitate to trying this..

  8. Malik

    I’ve been using this product for just over a week and I LOVE this stuff. This syrup is very effective.

  9. Abbas

    Best quality product. this syrup is very effective for stomach care. thank you

  10. Bilal

    My stomach is sensitive to a lot of foods and I thought I would try this to see if it would help. I have the product for a while and I have noticed that my bloating and gassiness has definitely decreased.

  11. Bilal Hamza

    I used this medication when my kids have stomach pain and the help them a lot. Highly Recommended!

  12. Junaid Zia

    Certain foods cause me horrible gas but since taking this pills I no longer have to worry about this. The syrup don’t have a bad taste and the aftertaste is minty which is not a bad thing. I recommend anyone who suffers from gas to purchase this product. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.

  13. Vikram Zain

    I attempted each sort of cure and medications yet at the same time was in torment. Then, at that point, I attempted this Amazing Product, After utilizing multi week I feel that this is the best medication for gastronal sicknesses. Recommended!

  14. Daniyal

    This is truly a great product!! My stomach hasn’t felt this good in years. I no longer have that constant bloating feel. It has helped me to regulate my body functions without any discomfort. I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it.

  15. Akmal Badshah

    Ye bht hi faidymand product ha. Good Result

  16. Harish Shafiq

    helpful for Digestive System

  17. Amir

    اگر تھوڑا زاہدہ کھانا خانے سے آپ کو گیس ہو جاتی ہے تو یہ سیرپ لازمی اپنے گھر میں رہکے اس کو استمال کرنے سے فوری آرام آ جاتا ہے شکریہ گیس منٹ شربت

  18. Muzammil

    I buy gas minute syrup for my son. Whenever he has stomach ache, drinking this syrup gives instant relief. I will appreciate this syrup because it is made from herbs. It has no side effects.

  19. Misbah Ul Haq

    Best Medicine for Stomach care…Highly Recommended

  20. Safiullah

    It is a very good syrup. It removes gas immediately and gives relief…

  21. Zain Ali

    Best medicine for Stomach Care….. Thanks to Ajmal Dawkahana For this amazing product…

  22. Aaryan

    Quickly releases gas. Gives comfort. Made of herbs. Taste is pleasant…..

  23. Zulfaqar

    A great syrup to get rid of gas, it works quickly and gives relief.

  24. Faisal Ali

    Good Syrup for Stomach gas…. Regularly using… when face problem

  25. Jameel

    It is a very useful syrup for the stomach. It gives instant relief. I keep it in my house. I use it whenever I have gas….

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