Habbe Rasaut Khas | For Blood Detoxification

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Habbe Rasaut Khas
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Habbe Rasaut Khas treats hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids diarrhea. Beneficial for blood cleansing. Prevents from developing pimples, boils, itching, purities, and other skin eruptions. It is also beneficial for  eye problems like itching, and pain.

Blood Purification Benefits

  • It both prevents tumors and lowers the likelihood of cancer.
  • High cholesterol levels enhance the risks of heart attack, stroke and also cardiovascular illness. Blood purification reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.


Adults 1-2 pills before breakfast  With water or Arq Mundi

Children: 1 pill before breakfast with water or Arq Mundi

Packing Size:

  • 20tabs
  • 250tabs

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