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Roghan Badam Shirin


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Roghan Badam Shirin

It is 100% pure Almond oil. Badam Shirin use removes constipation, improves vigor, relieves tension, increases brain power, reduces blood cholesterol and nourishes the skin.

It is also a good source of Vitamin E, Manganese & Iron, Roghan Badam Shirin acts as a natural skin tonic protecting from free radicals, aging & blemishes. It’s like a natural skin tonic.

Vitamin E protects healthy cells from destruction by an overabundance of molecules known as free radicals. Manganese is a versatile trace mineral used as a skin supplement for premature aging, irritations & blemishes.

  • Relieves Constipation
  • Relieves tension
  • Increases brain power
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Prevents Dandruff


One tablespoon mixed with a cup of hot milk at bedtime is a brain tonic, cures insomnia, makes hair grow & strengthens roots. Roghan Badam Shirin cures constipation and removes dryness from inside.

Hair Care :

Apply around 5 ml to your scalp, massage well. This will help you get rid of dandruff and get lustrous hair.

Skin Care :

Apply a few drops to the face and body with gentle strokes. You will definitely get younger looking, radiating skin.

Packing Size:

  • 50ml


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