Itrifal Kashnizi | For Stomach Issues & Brain

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Itrifal Kashnizi-strengthens the brain, nervous system and intestines, removes constipation-relieves chronic cold permanently


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Product Description

Itrifal Kashnizi

Itrifal Kashnizi helps improve the brain, nervous system, and intestines while relieving constipation. Its continued use provides long-term relief from chronic colds. It also cures persistent colds and cold-related disorders such as headaches, giddiness, conjunctivitis, and ear pain. Get rid of flatulence and extra body heat.

Other Benefits 

  1. A potent herbal remedy for summer catarrh
  2. Removes toxic fluids from the brain
  3. It can help with flatulence, hemorrhoids (Piles), and headaches.
  4. Helpful for irritated eyes


This is the typical dosage advised in the majority of therapy cases. Please keep in mind that each patient and their condition is unique. Thus, the dosage may vary depending on the disease, mode of administration, patient age, and medical history.

Adults 5-10g with water at bed time or as directed by the physician.

Children 3-5g with water at bed time or as directed by the physician.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
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Reviews (1)

1 review for Itrifal Kashnizi | For Stomach Issues & Brain

  1. Faisal Tahir

    Perfect for stomach disorder. I am feeling fit/releaxdd after facing 10-years stomach & intestine problem.

  2. Dilshad

    Hakeem sb se mashwara krne k liye is number pe rabta kren +92 3074409221 | +92 42 37354226
    , Shukria

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