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Arq Ajwain


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The active component of Arq Ajwain is Borage Officinalis (Gaozaban). It contains a fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid or GLA. The GLA seems to have antiinflammatory effects that can help in rheumatoid arthritis, edema, restores the normal functioning of liver and increases appetite. Arq Ajwain is also helpful in colic dyspepsia, flatulence, and indigestion. Additionally plays an important role in the growth and development of premature infants. It helps adrenal glands in the production of adequate amount of steroid hormones. It also increases the urine flow and helps purify the blood. Arq Ajwain has the traits to cure the pneumonitis (inflammation of the lungs).


  • Resolves the digestive problems
  • Acts as appetite stimulant, increases appetite
  • Restores the normal functioning of liver
  • Helpful in colic dyspepsia, flatulence, and indigestion
  • Treats adrenal insufficiency
  • Purify the blood and improves its circulation in human body
  • Increases urine flow
  • Prevent inflammation of the lungs
  • Treat bronchitis and colds


The dosage of Arq Ajwain is simple all you need to take is just a 1 cup before breakfast or as directed by the physician.


Gaozaban (Borago officinalis)

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  • 120ml
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3 reviews for Arq Ajwain | For Improved Digestion

  1. Safina Ishtiyaq

    I received this product today. It is good. Happy with purchase and satisfied. Recommended

  2. Danyal Chaudhary

    According to my Opinion, this is the best product by Ajmal Dawakhana. Highly Recommended If your stomach is disturbed.

  3. Hassan Irshad

    I am satisfied from this Product. Batter Result from other Brands.

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