Majoon Najah | For Psychosis & Melancholia

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Majoon Najah is effective in mania and gastric disorders. It is effective for melancholic and delirium. Also Beneficial in epilepsy. Reduces fits in melancholia and epilepsy.


5g with water two times a day or directed by a physician

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  • 100gm
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4 reviews for Majoon Najah | For Psychosis & Melancholia

  1. umedali7284

    Can i add honey in majoon najah thn use it ?? Is it good for phobia and anxiety?

    • web team

      why you want to add honey in it, its already sweet in taste.
      Its better to first discuss with Hakeem if you want, you can call on our numbers. Thanks

  2. Shahid Nawaz

    One of the best medicine for brain disease , Very effective results . Recommended

  3. Yasmeen Rana

    Effective in brain diseases. Helps relieve psychosis, anxiety, and amnesia. Effective in insanity and epilepsy.

  4. Asim Latif

    Majoon Najah is a medication composed of over 80 herbs and minerals. Majoon Najah is effective in mania and gastric disorders, and it is one of the best medicines for melancholic and delirium.

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