Khameera Danayiee | For Brain & Improves Memory

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Khameera Danayiee improves memory. It is helpful in amnesia. It sharpens mind and eyesight. Reduces hair fall.



5g to 10g with water two times a day.


3g to 5g with water two times a day.

Or as a directed by Physician.


It Protects from light and heat. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep the medicine cut to reach the children.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size

4 reviews for Khameera Danayiee | For Brain & Improves Memory

  1. Saleem Aslam

    I have to honestly say I Did experience positive results after only a few days.

  2. Atif Aftab

    Good Product for use

  3. احمد شفیق

    یہ میڈیسن بہت اچھی اس کو میں اپنے والد صاب کے لیے خریدتا ہوں ان کی طبیعت میں کافی اثر پڑا ہے

  4. Farzeez Sameer

    Khameera Danayiee relieves a headache caused due to the intensity of heat, has a soothing effect on head and induces sleep. Recommended!

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