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Marham Ajeeb is an herbal supplement that has antimicrobial properties. It helps to improve skin health. This supplement helps heal inflammation on the skin by acting as an anti-inflammatory.It improves skin complexion and is well-known as a skin care product. It can be very helpful as an herbal medicine for pimples and marks. It is also an herbal medicine for skin itching.

 The problem of itching

Factors that affect itching issues are menstruation, stressful conditions, hot and humid climates, and genetic factors. Cosmetic preparations containing lanolin and paraffin can exacerbate the condition. Additionally, pimples may occur as a side effect of certain medications. The use of oral drugs is necessary when acne is severe and cannot be controlled locally. Acne scars require specialized care and management. The Marham Ajeeb herbal treatment successfully cures this ailment without any adverse effects.

Skin allergies:

Skin reacts to certain substances when it is unable to tolerate them; this can result in eczema or hives, causing itching and redness.


  • Help manage skin diseases.
  • Reduces toxins on the skin
  • Treats skin infections.


Mar ham Ajeeb Ajmali is useful for dry and wet itching. It is also useful for prickly heat, boils, pustules, and abscesses.


Apply the cream on the affected area or on whole, take bath With soap after with warm water. Practice this process for Some days.

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Weight 100 g
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