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Majun Ushba is a blood purifier and is useful in all disease related to impurity in blood like syphilis, scabies, eczema, and itching. It is beneficial in rheumatic arthritis, leprosy and other ailments produced due to blood decomposition. It is also effective in pimples, boils, itch, purities, and other skin eruptions. Moreover, Useful in gonorrhea and syphilis.

Majun Ushba is an herbal medicine. It is a combination of blood purifiers, haematinics, and hepato-stimulants. In addition to purifying the blood, removing toxins, and enhancing immunity, it contains natural ingredients. It is effective in treating all types of dermatological conditions associated with blood impurities.

Immunize the blood to impurities

Majun Ushba helps in maintaining healthy blood circulation. It is also known as an immune modulator. The Majun Ushba ingredients help to strengthen the working of the immune system. This ensures that the liver and kidneys function better. It helps ensure natural blood purification. Majun Ushba is one of the ingredients in this medicine that has a helpful effect on the liver and the lymphatic system. The body benefits by expelling toxins in this way, therefore purifying blood naturally.

A tonic that cleanses the blood

Majun Ushba is a very effective tonic for blood purification. In the case of impure blood and skin problems, you need to take this tonic to maintain your blood purity and circulation. In addition to maintaining healthy blood, the supplement is made up of many potent herbs. It maintains the function of the liver.


5g with water two times a day

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  • 100gm
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