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Majun Chobchini relieves pain in the joints and purifies the blood. Joint pains are more common in older people, and women tend to develop it more frequently than men caused by lots of factors including, injuries and fractures, malnutrition, osteomyelitis, and obesity issues.

Majun Chobchini is highly effective and useful in arthralgia and arthritis (Joint pains), purifying blood impurities, arthritis, chorea, rheumatism, and leprosy. Chob Chini (Smilax China Linn) also known as China root contains the properties of anti-arthritic, blood purifier, deobstruent, and immunostimulant tonic really effective remedy.


  • Helps alleviate joint stiffness and joint pains
  • Reduces the swelling of the joints
  • Resolves the limited joint movement issues
  • Improves the weakness in lower extremities
  • Reduces the inflammation or irritation of a tendon (Tendonitis)
  • Help reduces the symptoms of polyarthralgia and fibromyalgia


Adult Dosage:

5 g of Majun Chobchini with water two times a day.

Children Dosage:

1-3g with water two times a day, or as directed by the physician.



  • Do not exceed the stated dose.
  • Store in cool and dry place. Protect from light.
  • Keep the medicine out of the reach of children.


  • Smilax China Linn
  • Piper Longum API
  • Cinnamomum Zeylanicum UPI
  • Pistacia Lentiscus  API

Packing Size:

  • 100gm
Packing Size

6 reviews for Majun Chobchini | For Joints Pain & Blood Purify

  1. ارشد

    مجن چوبچینی جوڑوں میں درد کو دور کرنے میں بہت مددگار ہے ، خون کو صاف کرتا ہے اور پھوڑے ، پمپس ، آتشک اور سکیٹیکا میں بھی مددگار ہے۔

  2. Abbas Ali

    Natural no side effects. Helps alleviate joint stiffness and joint pains. Recommended!

  3. Asad Ilyas

    It is beneficial in the treatment of Blood and Skin Diseases,Joint Care, Majun, osteoarthritis, and gout. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions, which helps to alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with several types of joint Care.

  4. Zaib Ahsan

    Ajmal Majun Chobchini is an Unani herbal drug preparation. It comes in semisolid form and it is used for blood disorder as well as nervine pain. Recommended!

  5. شاهین کریمی

    میں اسکا استعمال جوڑوں کے درد سے نجات کے لئے کرتا ہوں اور یہ میرے لیے بہت فائدہ مند ہے ۔

  6. Usman

    Best Chobchini for Joints Pain & Blood Purify highly Recommended

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