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Arq Chob Chini


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Product Description

Blood purification is a therapy founded on the extracorporeal treatment of blood, and it is widely used today for the treatment of numerous conditions that are resistant to conventional therapies, such as drug administration and surgery. Bioseparation techniques, such as dialysis, filtration, adsorption, or a combination of these, are utilized to remove contaminants or pathogenic agents from the bloodstream.

Arq Chob Chini is useful in the purification of blood. Effective in purging malhumors and blood impurities from the body. It also improves complexion.

Adverse consequences

No adverse effects have been reported with the use of this product as directed. In the event of an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice.


Place Arq Chob Chini in a cold and dry location. Keep it free from heat, moisture, and sunlight. Keep it away from minors and animals.

Many botanicals have medicinal properties. However, excessive consumption of herbal extracts can be detrimental to the kidneys. If you have existing kidney or liver disease, you should avoid all herbal supplements. Consult your physician before adjusting your diet or supplement regimen.


1 cup before breakfast or  as directed by the physician

Packing Size:

  • 800ml
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1 review for Arq Chob Chini | For Pimples & Abscesses

  1. ayesha

    isko pena h ya face pe lgana h?

    • Dilshad

      Hakeem sb se mashwara krne k liye is number pe rabta kren +92 3074409221 | +92 42 37354226
      , Shukria

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