As humans grow up, they discover new and different changes in their body and mind. It is not an easy thing to have control over your body, how it reacts, or changes, or grows. But we must try our best to avoid getting into an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. Sexual arousal is one such reaction Nocturnal which the human body offers in time of extreme attraction. It is a natural thing; it is how humans are bound to function. A nocturnal emission, also known as night fall, wet dreams, or sleep orgasm, is a condition that comes with age.

It is the occurrence of natural orgasm during sleep which includes semen leakage for males and wetness in the vagina or orgasm for females. It commonly happens during puberty and ages of being a young adult, but sometimes they do happen spontaneously after adolescence. Sometimes, men do wake up from a wet dream and the other time they remain sleeping through it only to wake up to a wet bed. Sometimes, women also remain sleeping through orgasm but mostly, they wake up right before it and that doesn’t count as wet dreams because lubrication in the vaginal area doesn’t necessarily imply an orgasm.


Mostly known as wet dreams, you might have experienced them by yourself once or twice; it is a common concept in coming of age stories and movies too. What you need to know about this term is the secretion or ejaculation of fluid during your sleep, in this time your genitals might be hypersensitive because the blood flow to the lower area is much easier. So, you can have an orgasm during that sensation and not know it till you wake up.

Nocturnal Emission In Male:

Many types of research have been conducted on the male to check the frequency of wet dreams in them but it remains variable. Some of the men admitted that they face this issue usually after sexual inactivity for fourteen days or so. The emission mainly happens in the prime age of teenagers but not everyone experiences one.

In Pakistan, around 94% of men go through nocturnal emission at some time in their life. In the young teenage male, nocturnal emissions happen once every three weeks and for an older man around the age of 40 years, it happens once in six weeks. But for married males, the frequency has a much lower ratio. In many parts of the world, the emission is much more common than others like in our country, the percentage is quite high.

Many people are scared because of it due to the lack of sex education in the country, but in reality, the guilt and shame joined with it is not justified because it is a natural occurrence. Some males stop having emission at a young age while others face it throughout their age. How To Stop wet dreams Permanently.

To discuss the reasons behind it, we would need to talk openly about sexual activities. Lack of masturbation is one of the reasons behind this emission, as science and logic show that it happens more frequently when there is sexual inactivity. Other than this, some males go for testosterone-based drugs to enhance their carnal experiences, and this has an immediate effect on nightfall. There are many answers to your question of How to Cure Nocturnal Emissions Naturally, and for that, you would need to read further into the article.

Nocturnal Emission (night fall) In Female:

In women, just like men, the frequency of emissions is variable as it varies from person to person. But in comparison to males, females have a lower ratio of nocturnal emissions (night fall). Around only 40% of women experience wet dreams, and most of them go through this before the age of twenty-one.

Usually happens in a young girl’s teenage, and they face sexual arousal during sleep which wakes them up and the orgasm is perceived later. It is also easier to perceive wet dreams in the male because ejaculation is the association of an orgasm while vaginal lubrication isn’t orgasm. This is because only sexual arousal can account for the presence of vaginal fluids.

But, to think that women never faced this issue is a myth as there are many examples and researches to prove the opposite. This article will be immensely helpful if you are looking into How To Stop Nocturnal Emission Permanently because they usually tend to stop at teenagers and if they aren’t lowering down then there might be something wrong.

Is It Necessary To Experience Nocturnal Emission?

The nightly discharge of semen can be quite embarrassing, many male perceive it similar to wetting the bed as a child but in reality, it is a natural process which needs to happen at a certain age. Age is a significant factor here, it defines the necessity to experience nocturnal emission.

It is not necessary to have such an experience, many people do not go through it for a very long time in their life and some don’t even experience it once in their lifetime. So, it is not necessary and it might be a sign of your good and healthy sexual activities. The lack of sex education in our society has led many misconceptions to settle in the minds of the youth, and even in some adults.

In the next section of this article, we would be discussing some myths about nocturnal emissions that might help clear some of your confusion about it and help you in knowing clearly when and how to stop nocturnal emissions permanently.

Myths About Nocturnal Emission:

There are several myths about wet dreams which has only made people more cautious and ashamed of these, they do not treat it well and stop them when necessary. They shouldn’t be happening very frequently and have natural ways to be cured. Let’s see some of the myths and stories brewed with the concept of nocturnal emission (night fall):

  1. It is a disease: This statement is completely mythical, the issue is not a disease. However, frequent happening can lead to some serious health conditions which are why the frequency of occurrence must be tracked and treated accordingly.
  2. So, if you have experienced it a few times in your puberty that’s okay but if it’s recurrently happening after adolescence then you might need to see How To Cure Nocturnal Emissions Naturally.
  3. Masturbation can prevent night fall: This is not true, the statement is incorrect itself because orgasm before sleep might stimulate blood rush in the genitals during sleep which causes even more emission during the night. So, relieving yourself from sexual tension might be the solution but self-gratification is not.
  4. Positions do not impact emission: This is another wrong statement, in fact quite far from the truth. Sleeping on your stomach may cause the blood to rush to the lower part of your body during some accidental friction and can cause a sexual dream. If your clothes are tight, the friction can also lead to orgasm so you might want to opt for a baggy nightdress.
  5. You must try to sleep on your back or the side to avoid waking up to a problem like this, sleeping in the ideal position would also help your body to grow most efficiently.
  6. Everyone has them: Despite the common belief, it is not true. The sex drive of everyone is different from others and even if someone is sexually inactive it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have an orgasm during sleep. The reason behind this is the variety in hormonal and testosterone levels of every human being. Some might have experience as teenagers, others in adulthood and some might never!

Why Cure Nocturnal Emissions:

It may be a normal and natural occurrence but it does have several side effects and symptoms, especially if it is happening more frequently than normal. wet dreams (night fall) can cause mental distress as well as physical weaknesses. Mentally, it can make the person feel lonely and ashamed which could lead to sleepless nights and insomnia.

Insomnia is a definite side effect of severe emissions because sometimes, in women especially, wet dreams disrupt sleep. Moreover, night fall can cause poor vision and sight as well as a memory problem, this is because of the dizziness that takes over after a nightly orgasm. It has some serious impact on the bones because a lot of calcium is lost during the process and it hits mainly on joints like knees which causes problems and aches.

In young adults, if the problem is too frequent, it could cause a bad affect on their academics because the sensation is quite new and mind-consuming for them. This may cause a decline in their academic activities and make them lose focus and attention easily.

In adults, if the wet dreams is happening too much it can cause a decrease in sperm count and make the male unable to produce children. The genitals might face some damage if night fall is happening frequently and can cause erectile dysfunction or general inability to perform sexually. Sometimes, the damage to the genitals might disturb the urination pattern and make it difficult to perform the basic task of urinating, it might start to make the genitals ache. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen because of erotic dreams but can be a result of the overproduction of sperm.

This happens when the diet consists of food that stimulates sexual desires and drugs that increase testosterone. This can weaken the sexual ability of the male and increase laziness in them. These are some reasons which can further lead to many ceaseless diseases and people who can’t frequently attain sexual satisfaction must know How To Cure Nocturnal Emissions Naturally.

Why Choose Natural Ways Over O.T.C Medicines:

OTC medicines are self-prescribed drugs that you buy to treat your problem by yourself. It might not always be the solution because, in the case of a nocturnal emission, it is not the best option and can cause many problems. Using these medicines can cause a direct effect on your memory as they mess up with the brain chemicals, these medicines might lower down the testosterone which will result in impotency.

The natural ways on the other hand would only balance out the correct chemicals and hormones in the body and can also benefit you with your health instead of making you more weak and vulnerable to ailments. Sometimes, these medicines try to suppress the production of the sperm which results in excessive leakage at the start and then the inability to perform sexually at the right time.

Herbs and natural home remedies would help in stopping the emission but they would also help in diverting it to when it is needed. Lastly, many of these medicines hurt the kidney. Sometimes, when the emission is abruptly stopped, it creates unnatural problems which lead to impotency or erectile dysfunction. Natural ways would help in knowing how to stop nocturnal emissions (night fall) permanently and also, balance out the hormones to react when the situation requires.

 5 Foods Help’s in Nocturnal Emission Treatment Naturally 

1. Relax and Meditate Before Sleep:

As mainstream as it may sounds, relaxation, and meditating before sleep can be a great solution to avoid ejaculation or orgasm during sleep. Several herbs help calm the mind before sleep because a relaxed mind would not travel too far towards intimate desire and prevent wet dreams. There are a few spices that have demonstrated to be very useful in remaining zeroed in on contemplation and assist with putting away restlessness.

NETTLE | BICHHO BOOTI | بچھو بوٹی is one broadly spice across South Asia, bearing various medical advantages it is normally suggested. For reflection, it helps in restoring the familiarity with feelings of the individuals who burn through it, the cycle may be awkward however self-disclosure is the initial step to recuperating.

Other than this, HOLY BASEL LEAVES | TULSI K PATTY | تلسی کے پتے is an exceptionally respected spice for unwinding and aides in concentrating energy on the center point. So on the off chance that you are meditating to advance sleep, utilization of this spice can be enormously valuable.

Moreover, GOTU KOLA | BRAHMI BOOTI | برہمی بوٹی is an Indian spice which is known to make an energy hover over your head, upgrading center and delivering the antagonism. It loosens up the sensory system and carries harmony to you by getting out the head from transitory pressure while enlivening improved memory.

Lastly German Chamomile | Babona | بابونہ is one of the most helpful spices with regards to unwinding and relieving yoga, before rest time, you might need to breathe in some of it while zeroing in on yoga and exercise. The calming impact and smell help in nodding off sooner and allowing a good, relaxed sleep.

2. Have Food Which has Aphrodisiac Properties:

Aphrodisiac food is a gift of nature which strengthens the reproductive genitals of humans. They work as a portion that stimulates sexual desires. It is recommended that people who constantly struggle with nightfall should consume these foods so that their sexual activities are more easily met and thus, they do not struggle with it in their sleep. MUSK | AMBER | مشک is an effective herb in the preparation of herbal medicines which help in increasing sexual libido.

It does so by stimulating androgens (sex hormones) in males and ease up the tension with its good smell. Moreover, BAMBOO SILICA | TABASHEER | طباشیر is one of the most useful herbs and is known as a medicine to help in fixing the human body back to normal. This will help you with the side effects of nocturnal emissions, consuming this would help in the regulation of blood to the right parts of the body and hence, more awareness about the intimate desires. Lastly, SAFFRON | ZAFRAN | زعفران is a useful plant to increase sexual drive, desire, and pleasure. Consuming it before sleep would help in relieving you of the stress and making the sleep more restful and undisturbed.

3. Almond Milk:

We all must have had our mothers run after us with a glass of warm milk before bed, it has known to be beneficial for a good sleep. Add some nuts and you will be able to solve this nightly issue of yours too! Indeed, drinking a warm glass of milk with crushed Almond | Badam | بادام in it would help in achieving calm and sound sleep, undisturbed by any intruding wet dreams.

They are full of antioxidants which help in relaxing your muscles and body, allowing you to fall easily into slumber. Sweet Almond | Maghz Badam | مغز بادام can also be taken raw, as they are very good for the immune system. The reenergizing immune system will help in fighting off nocturnal emission (night fall) naturally, and you would wake up safe and sound from problems like knee and back pain.

4. Massage and Warm Bath:

Making yourself more relaxed before bed, not thinking or fearing about nightfall, and not constantly worrying about it will help immensely in avoiding the problem. What you can do to make yourself more relax and calm, you can take a warm bath before bed with soaps and bath bombs which stimulate relaxation. AUSTRALIAN REEF RED CLAY SOAP is made with all the essentials which don’t only rejuvenate fresh skin but also relaxes the muscles and calms down the tense hormones of the body. Moreover, essential oils must be used to massage before bed.

You can TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL as it is very calming and relaxing, the lubricant is full of minerals and oxides which penetrate through the pores and soothes out the tension. It is essentially one of the most used massage oil. Other than this, you can also go for NEEM OIL | NEEM KA TAIL | نیم کا تیل which is a great herbal conditioner, makes your skin soft and smooth while relaxing your body into slumber. This will be an answer to your question of How To Cure Nocturnal Emissions Naturally as it is one of the best natural ways out there.

5. Foods Rich in Fiber:

It is true that no matter how natural it may be, nocturnal emissions can make a man unhealthy in a sense that it makes him weak, tired, and moody. The reason behind this is the loss of important nutrients several times during the night time. So, if you are also worried about it, start by consuming fiber-rich food.

Use DESI GHEE | دیسی گھی in your food, preferably in the morning, it is a great tool in balancing the hormones of the human body. The excessive androgens will be balanced and then not act out during slumbers, keeping you away from dreams and sensations of such. Moreover, LARGE CARDAMOM | ELAICHI KALAN | الاِئچی کلاں is essentially available in your kitchen, so make the best use out of it.

Have one raw before bed or use it in a tea to provide a relaxing sensation to your body and mind. This will help you gain enough strength to fight off orgasm in sleep, something you are not even aware of. Lastly, you can make use of INDIAN GOOSEBERRY MURABA | MURABA AMLA | مربہ آملہ which is rich in minerals that help in keeping up a good mood throughout the day which relieves the tension and allows you to have a good healthy sexual relationship. This ultimately helps in winning over nocturnal emission, for both men and women.


Nocturnal Emission Treatment with Herbal Medicines

1. V2 Ajmal:

This herbal medicine works as an excellent aphrodisiac. Not only does it create pleasure but also increases orgasm time, working as an effective remedy for weakness in sexual and nervous activities. It strengthens the male genitals and stops nocturnal emissions to preserve the strength of Nocturnal.

Not only this, but it also helps in remaining young by powerfully treating sexual weakness and stopping and early discharge or thinness of the semen. Allowing the consumer to have a good nightly sleep, it is one of the most effective herbal medicine to stop nocturnal emission.

2. Qurs Sadaf:

This herbal medicine is extremely beneficial for curing leucorrhoea in females and spermatorrhoea in males, which is useful in stopping nocturnal emission.

The reason behind nocturnal emission (night fall) is the lack of sexual activity which results in emission even with minor pressure or pleasure. qurs sadaf is really effective in nocturnal emission treatment.

Such involuntary discharge of semen can be cured with the use of this herbal medicine as it also creates healthy strength in the male reproductive system. Similarly, it provides strength to women’s reproductive system as well by treating the triggers and after-effects of leucorrhoea. Being rich in calcium, it also helps greatly in strengthening the bones.

3. Qurs Nuqra:

This herbal medicine was created with an Unani methodology and is very effective in the treatment and strengthening of major organs such as the heart, brain, and reproductive genitals. It eliminates illness, weariness, and weakness from the body and increases sexual stamina. It improves liver function and also works to stop nocturnal emissions (night fall).

This is one of the most common issues in people, which most are afraid and ashamed to talk about. We hope this article helped us understand the nature of this problem. Qurs Nuqra is herbal medicine use in nocturnal emission (night fall) treatment.

All of the herbal medicines and herbs mentioned in this article are available at, you can either visit Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan or place your order online. If the issue gets out of hand, you might want to talk to your therapist but it definitely can be dealt with in natural ways if it isn’t too intense.

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