What are the symptoms and treatment of Pink Eye Flu?

The eyes are an important part of an individual life. If the eyes are not working properly, a human is like a disabled person. Pink eye or conjunctivitis spreads through symptoms like redness, increased tears, inflammation, itching, and eye pain. Eye flu is a viral disease. It is a viral disease that spreads through respiratory droplets from coughing, and hand-eye contact. The pink eye outbreak initially began in Karachi and then extended to Lahore and many other cities of pakistan. Punjab had reported 86,133 cases of pink eye, according to a statistic. Moreover, there are various symptoms of Pink eye flu, such as

  • Redness in one or both eyes,
  • Itching in the affected eye
  • Tearing in eyes
  • Light sensitivity(photophobia)

A discharge from the eye which is usually created in the form of drops during the night time

What are the common causes of Flu and pink eye?

There are several causes of pink eye flu and  the most affected people are in Lahore. This eye infection is primarily caused by adenovirus but also due to Herpes simplex virus and other viruses. The way of transmitting this contagious Eye Flu is direct or indirect contact with the liquid that drains from the eye of the affected one. There is a need for preventive measures to avoid this contagious disease.

What are the possible treatments for Flu and pink eye?

There are several treatments for any disease, whether it is contagious or not. Likewise, pink eye flu can be reversed or avoided by taking some precautionary measures; those measures are as follows:

Practise good hygiene to control the spread of eye flu. For instance:

  • Don’t touch your eyes in any case.
  • Must Wash your hands frequently.
  • Use a washcloth daily or a clean towel
  • Don’t share towels or washcloths.
  • Throw away old eye cosmetics, such as mascara, sponges, eye brushes, sleeping eye covers, etc. Don’t share eye cosmetics or personal eye care items or towels with anyone

Ajmal Dawakhana is providing inclusive herbal treatments for Pink eye flu

Just like the Flu in winter, we can also reach out to our herbal allies to help cure and soothe the discomfort of Eye flu and ease symptoms faster. Herbal preparations are easy to find and use. People tend to stay at home most of the time. So, for them Ajmal Dawakhana is the best option for recovering from pink flu. As people know about herbal-treatment. Herbal treatments are the best treatments ever in history, as treatments that have no side effects. Here are some prescribed herbal medicines for Eye flu in Lahore by Ajmal Dawakhana: as follows.

Avail the chance to get herbal Medicine for eye-flu

As you know, the pink eye flu and this disease have repercussions. To cure this disease instantly, Ajmal-Dawakhana is here to provide you with the best drops for your eye. Moreover, we offer purer Arqe-Gulab to keep your eyes fresh and clear. Additionally, these liquids will help you cure the pink eye flu. This way, you can save your eyes and loved ones from this dangerous disease. So, take the chance to get the benefits of our drops for your beautiful and sensitive part of the body.

The prescribed treatments for Eye flu in Lahore by Ajmal Dawakhana

There are various herbal treatments. A herbal eye wash or compress is best for this disease. These not only cure the infected area but also support the tissues of the eyes. Ajmal Dawakhana provides many herbal treatments, such as some liquids that are extracts of some precious herbs that have been eye cures for billions of years. We offer you the most curable and instantly effective Herbal products for Flu and pink eye. If you are experiencing pink eye flu symptoms, Ajmal Dawakhana is the perfect destination for natural and effective remedies. Our products, such as oils, dried herbs, and semi-liquid creams, can treat pink eye flu effectively. Our treatments contain the best herbs used since ancient times to cure illnesses.

Best Unani herbal medicine with Ajmal Dawakhana for pink eye flu

As you know, pink eyes are a contagious disease spreading all over Pakistan. Its symptoms and the most effective herbal remedies are based on Greece’s ancient natural practices adapted to modern times. Our herbal products are available for the Eye Flu in Lahore. Moreover, we are supplying herbal medicines all over Pakistan. We are known for our effective and reliable medication that can be delivered wherever needed. So, if you want to save your eyes, there is no other option; our herbal medicines for eye flu are best, and you can avail of the products at your earliest.

Beat the Flu and pink eye disease with Ajmal Dawakhana.

As eye flu is increasing in Pakistan and especially in Lahore. The symptoms of eye flu are described above. But you don’t need to worry about it. We are here as an experienced and trusted medicine supplier all over Pakistan. We adhere to traditional medical practices. Ajmal Dawakhana consistently utilises pure herbal medicine to cure the disease. Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, can be treated using herbal remedies like the common Flu.

Contact immediately Ajmal Dawakhana for the treatment of Eye Flu

To conclude, Ajmal Dwakhana best provides herbal medicine for Flu Treatment. We have been trusted and experienced suppliers for centuries. We have ancestors of Persian and Greek origin, and our herbal medicines have been applied for centuries. If you or someone you love is experiencing pink eye, we offer affordable and thorough treatment options. Moreover, we provide special drops for your eyes to keep them clean in a regular routine and also have medicinal herbs extracted to cure your eyes from this viral disease. Ajmal. Pk is a trustworthy and well-renowned herbal platform. So, it would help if you experienced the incredible benefits of our products, which are purely herbal and have no side effects. Therefore, make sure to avail yourself of the chance to get herbal medicines for pink eye flu and save your beautiful eyes from the disease.

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