Unani Tibb in Subcontinent

Introduction to the onset of Unani Tibb is the subcontinent

Unani Tibb in Subcontinent has ancient grounds. It has also been referred to as Arabic or Islamic medicine. It is a kind of traditional and natural healing system which has ardently being followed and adopted for treating ailments in South Asia. The roots of this ancient system of medicine can be traced back to the Hippocrates and Galen, who were the historical and renowned Greek physicians. Later it was further refined and organized through systematic experimentation primarily by the Muslim scholar and physician, Avicenna. During the reign of Caliphate, the Greek knowledge was translated into Arabic in Bulk. Later on, additional information and medical wisdom from the Middle East and South Asia took Unani Tibb to new heights.

In the subcontinent, this system of herbal medicine and treatment emerged as a result of the merger of ancient Greek and traditional Indian system of herbal medical treatment which is known as Ayurveda.

Approach towards treatment through Unani Tibb

The foremost approach adopted towards the treatment of ailment through herbal medicine is based upon establishing the regime which assists in normalizing and balancing the external factors which are a cause of ailments and physical diseases. If this still proves ineffective, then the use of natural medicines is inculcated for the treatment. The Unani Tibb treatment which is recommended by ‘Hakim’ or ‘Tabib’ is meant to give a boost to the ‘tabiyat’ or internal system of the patient which in turn restore healthy wellbeing and living.

You can find various ayurvedic medicine and natural medicine practitioners offering various natural treatments and remedies for various physical and mental ailments. But it is really difficult to locate the experts in the field who offer genuine treatment options with profound skills and expertise in the field.

Dawakahana Hakim Ajmal- a name of trust in Unani Tibb in the subcontinent

There are numerous acclaimed hakim’s and Unani tibb experts available but no one stands at the high pedestal as Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan. It is an eminent name of trust not only in the subcontinent since centuries but worldwide. Hakim Ajmal Khan is an icon in the realm of Unani Tibb in Subcontinent.

Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan is an established paradigm which offers exclusive alternative medicine options for the sufferers. The patients suffering from various diseases are getting ‘Shiffa’ or cure of Hakim Ajmal’s Herbal remedies and medications for centuries and it continues to uphold its tradition.

Hakim Ajmal Khan has dedicated his life to serving humanity through natural herbal treatments and medications and his dawakhana is serving people with herbal drugs, herbal supplements, and treatments for a long time. People trust their medications and treatments due to their no side effects and long term cures. Hakim Ajmal dawakhana is committed to providing treatment of ailments of males, females, children and general problems such as cough, cold, tooth  ache, etc.

Hakim Ajmal Dawakhana has played a significant role in spreading the Unani Tibb in the modern age.


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