Ramzan Upon the arrival of the blessing month. Muslims from all over the world, have now started to practice the purest form of ibadat known as Fasting. Fasting is compulsory for every healthy Muslim. Ramzan Kareem is the ninth month of the Islamic year, in which Almighty Allah has rewarded with countless blessings.


Ramzan fasting is known as an important obligation to be fulfilled, but while observing a fast we have seen that we often don’t take the right care of appetite. However, we have seen that people get more conscious of having healthy food. Somehow but during this, we don’t have to configure the right proportion of what to eat and drink at the right time.


This uncertainty of not taking the right portion of appetite often leads to stomach disorder or causes gas. Due to these common mistakes mentioned in the article, it often leads to medical illness. We have tried our best to cater to all the common mistakes with their possible solution that may be helpful for your health. Which solely results in accomplishments to have a proper fast during the month of Ramzan Kareem.

Ramzan fasting

Ramzan fasting is an important obligation to practice for every healthy Muslim. While Ramzan fasting we avoid eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. We must properly fast during the Holy Month of Ramzan Kareem and attain the reward and blessings from Almighty Allah.

Common Mistakes 

In many cases, we have seen that people have claimed that they start to feel inflammation in the stomach. This is because of our own negligence and irresponsibility of taking a diet plan not in the right proportion. This is because it is a common fact that people don’t keep a proportion of liquid and food which often leads to inflammation in the stomach.

How to Improve Cause of Inflammation in Stomach from General Remedies 

People often practice various sources of recipes that are helpful in terms of keeping them healthy and fit. The best general remedies to overcome the inflammation in the stomach or digestion during Ramzan Kareem are following, so that you may have no problem related to digestion during the fast.

Time of Sehri

There are many common tips that all of us can follow to keep us healthy and fit. Some of the helpful advice are listed below that we must observe in Sehri.

Use of Yoghurt

The use of yogurt is an essential part of many people during the time of Sehri in Ramzan. It causes solutions for acidity, inflammation, and swelling in the stomach caused due to eating unhealthy food.

Use of Sabz Elaichi Powder

The use of yogurt with Sabz Elaichi powder is a very essential and common remedy for a various problems related to the stomach. Use of Yoghurt with some portion of sabz elaichi powder keeps you hydrated throughout Ramzan fasting. This use of essential ingredients keeps you free from thirst for water throughout the day.

Use of Zeera

General remedy, in which the use of zeera with yogurt is very helpful for your problems of indigestion. The use of zeera with yogurt in sehri helps you to digest the food very fast. It keeps you free from gastric problems and issues caused due to excessive eating of oily and fried food items. It is highly effective to overcome the temporary acidity in your stomach. It also helps to prevent the body from having an ulcer in the stomach by the formation of probiotics, as they are rich in good bacteria. In this case, the general use of yogurt can cure several of their problems related to the stomach.

Chewing properly

Many of the problems related to the stomach occur because we don’t use to chew the food properly. If we want to digest the food fast and if we want not to have any problems related to indigestion we must chew the food properly so that it can digest the food easily.

Time of Iftar

We often make the mistake of getting our stomach full in Ramzan of various ingredients which creates problems with indigestion. Some of the helpful tips at the time of Iftar can keep you healthy and fit from various problems of the stomach that causes indigestion in Ramzan.

Use of dates and Milk

It is highly effective to make use of a glass of milk and three to four dates at the time of Iftar. It gives you strength that fulfills the need for appetite in every human body. It also keeps you hydrated and keeps you free from the various problems that cause disorder in the stomach in Ramzan.

Use of Fruits

The use of fruits in Ramzan at the time of Iftar helps you to keep hydrated and feel full of energy. As fruits have some of the very essential ingredients that are helpful from every point. As fruits have the required amount of iron, copper and potassium, which is the best fit for a satisfying appetite and keeps you healthy.

Prevent the use of Soft Drinks

The use of soft drinks causes an acidic reaction in an empty stomach. It is not recommended to have the use of any cold drink at the time of Iftar. As when our stomach is empty it creates acidic fumes that follow up and stick to the wall of the stomach, in that case, if we drink a cold drink full of gas it can cause an acidic reaction that may digest the food easily for the time being, but it is highly destructive towards our health of stomach in longer terms.

Use of sharbat prepared from herbal and natural ingredients

All of this sharbat is also known as the best sharbat in summer, as it is made of highly effective natural ingredients. So, all of these sharbat has a similar variation in their use that are used by people in their daily life.

Sharbat Bazoori Motadil

Sharbat Bazoori is highly effective for the occurrence of problems related to the liver and kidney. It is also effective to cure the problem Ramzan of gall bladder diseases. It cures these problems with the help of decreasing the amount of fluid present in a blood vessel that results in blood pressure in Ramzan.


It keeps your blood pump to all the parts of the body. It is also very helpful for internal infectious diseases like infection in kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra. Sharbat Bazoori also protects you from the direct radiation coming from the sky that caused heatstroke and sunstroke.


The essential ingredient used in Sharbat Bazoori is Tukhme Khayaren (Cucumis Sativus). It is a medicated sharbat and helps you to recover from certain problems, so it is recommended to take any dosage of sharbat e bazoori with the recommendation and advice of our herbal experts at Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan.

Sharbat Kausar

 Sharbat Kausar acts as a prevention from acidity in the stomach, which often leads to heartburn. Sharbat Kausar is a mixture of rose, Khas, ushna, and sandal that removes acidity and improves blood circulation, as it increases the hemoglobin level of the human body. It has an aqueous distillate of fresh fruits and juice extracted from various other herbs. It also has the rest of the others ingredients of plant-like seeds, bark, roots and fruits. This helps to overcome your problem of being thirsty, so it keeps you hydrated which decreases the sweating level from the body.


Sharbat-e-Sandal is made from pure herbal Sandal, also known as Santalum Album. It is one of the most effective herbal medicated sharbat, which also acts as a source of refreshing drink in most parts of central Asia. It has the tendency to overcome anxiety, palpitation, and burning micturition. It is the most recommended and at top of the list for best sharbat in summer. It could act also add as a mode of dressing on any deserts.


Sharbat-e-sandal is free for artificial flavors and some added preservatives it is made up of distillates of sandalwood. Sharbat-e-Sandal is very effective in ramzan fasting .It is a refreshing healthy drink for your need of thirsty throat. It is also known as a one-stop solution for several of your problem that causes disorder in the stomach. To overcome the problem in kidneys and bladder are improved through the use of Sharba-e-Sandal. It is highly recommended to have this refreshing medicated drink as prescribed by the herbal physicians at Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan.

Sharbat Kasni Sharifi

Sharbat Kasni Sharifi is another form of refreshing sharbat made from the pure Rab Kasni Sabz, also known as Cichorium Intybus. It is an effective product for the treatment of headaches from Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan. This provides a cool and relaxed feeling which overcomes your problem of disorder in sleeping hours. Weakness of the cardiac muscles and weakness of general debility from everyone can be cured in Ramzan.


All of the medication related to herbal medicine and Unani Tibb must be taken with the prescription from our experts Hakeem sahib. You can contact Hakeem sahib by booking an appointment online or by booking a time slot to meet our expert Hakeem Sahib at Dawakhana Hakeem Ajmal Khan.

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